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Blow by blow action at Helen Joseph Hospital

Please be patient while the player loads...

Chaos erupted outside the Helen Joseph Hospital, Johannesburg, after police used water cannon equipment to disperse the striking staff  -  police opened fire with rubber bullets as their vehicles were pelted with rocks, tables, traffic cones and chairs as they tried to enter the hospital grounds.  Watch our video which gives you an in-depth insight as to the proceedings of the days events.

20 August 2010


What the Hell???? “Nothing we have done wrong” “peaceful demonstration”

these strikers have no logic and show how stupid they are!!! Do they expect our sympathy!!?? Never !!!
Please Police…
Shoot them in the heads with rubber bullets !!! Chase them off the premises !!! The patients come first !!
Bloody Hypocrites !! they make oath to put the lives of others first and only show that they put themselves and there 1.5% above everything else.
When this is over, and they are docked pay, and we spend tax money fixing what they destroyed….
We are all left worse off.
And then…. what about those poor children, elderly and sick that die during these strikes???

I say zero tolerance!!! If you want better pay then %##$ off and find work elsewhere. Take a study loan and skill your selves for better jobs … you are @#$#@ ing murderers and criminals right now… and the only extra compensation you deserve right now from the state and us taxpayers who ultimately fund you …. is the free dry bread and water served in Jail !!!

20 August 2010


Blows my mind. Where was the cops when they stormed the building? How do you build a nation with people like this? Can they not see and understand the moral delema in there action’s? I will never respect a state hospital worker in my life again. They are scum. They have now shown there true colours. Just look at the video of the 12year old girl who got left in the road. They are worse than animals. They are loosing everybody’s simpothy. Those still at work should all get a 20% increase and a medal of honour. They are the true medical backbone of this country. They see the differance between right and wrong. I thought a lot of Cosatu. But if they support this, they can go jump in a lake!

20 August 2010


Say you drive to a meeting where you are about to make a million Rand deal. Your time is limited. On your way you drive past a accident. Somebody’s life is in dangour and there is no one to help. Do you stop and be a hero and safe a life, or do you rush to your meeting?

The medical profesion has certain ethics attached to it. It demands the tipe of person that would stop to help somebody even when they are on their way to an important meeting.

What a wonderful country South Africa has become. An example to other African country’s. Where teachers threaten, scare and intimedate children at school, and medical workers locking and rampaging hospitals.

The racists must love this. Have you ever seen stuff like this in Western Country’s or even Eastern? Sure, you have strikes there. But the moral decay that protesters in South Africa is showing is of great concern.

21 August 2010


Use live bullets because rubber is not painful. I am sure Vavi and his evil goblin are very happy. The ANC must revoke the alliance with Unions. Why does a party that fought aparthaid get into Alliance with Unions? Unios are for labour while Anc must concetrate on politics.

21 August 2010


I think this has absolutely nothing to do with 1.5% either. They will lose more than that with the “no work no pay” that will come.
This is really an ANC vs Cosatu thing. Malema took on Vavi…. and now Cosatu are saying to the ANC…if you push us check what we can do.

That’s why government are spineless and doing nothing…if they Act then the fall into Vavi’s trap. If they do nothing then they show just how leadership-less they really are. A win win for Vavi and Cosatu.
A lose lose for South Africa, its labor force and the public

21 August 2010

Sue Kruger

Welcome to the new South Africa, black against black.I feel sorry for the poor buggers as the ANC has stolen all their money.There is none left to give.

I bet that most of the strikers were not even public servants

Who was that with the vote ANC shirt in the video, lol

21 August 2010

Tabile Kakaza

@ Sue Kruger! You’re talking nonsense when you say the New South Africa is about black against black, but obviously you white angels have a Spiritual understanding of the World! I think South Africa is better without people like you, hey maybe you should come back take all the Kruger’s to live with you in your new found paradise.

I condemn the what the strikers have been doing, but I am sure black ordinary South Africans have taken lessons from this act, our country needs credibly, responsible and patriotic professionals who’ll be driven by the sense of productivity and service instead of money. We as black people have no where to run, unlike the white angels who have stashed up paradise places all over the world. So the Lord we give us the strength to influence the direction of our country….

21 August 2010

Adriana stuijt

Your video DOES NOT WORK.

21 August 2010


Declare marshall law. Call in the army. Give them instructions to shoot on site every black monkey that picks up a stone. It’s time we gave these chimpanzees a hiding they will never forget.

24 August 2010


dont really knoe what does Zuma want the people to do so that he can replay on what is going on in the contry or maybe he must just live the office for someone that will be there for the wokes whan they need him/her

24 August 2010


I really appreciate the work of civil workers, but no more bcos they sacrifise people’s lives for their own interests. How do u expect a wage increase of 8.6 %, when the inflation is 6.5 %. I mean this is unreasonable.

I agree with Myhat; this is ANC vs COSATU, but if vavi really do this as a revenge after Malema’s attack on him (vavi), then i realise his true cruelty accompanied by stupidity, since Malema is not ANC.

27 August 2010


This is very amusing to me. They say don’t be too clever because you will outsmart yourself. Years ago the the monkeys announced they don’t want the whites in government, they going to vote anc for a better life. Now where is that better life? Well, you monkeys voted for the anc, now you must live with it. Take that monkeys !

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