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Chaos erupts outside Helen Joseph hospital

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Police turned on their water canons and fire rubber bullets at protesting health workers outside the Helen Joseph hospital in Johannesburg after the protesters refused to disperse. The protesters blockaded the hospitals entrance and denied police, ambulances and patients access. Times LIVE was on scene.

20 August 2010


Shoot the savages!

20 August 2010


Pity, you all cannot come up with constructive comments. Shame on you. One senses a lot of racism in what you have written. Why don’t you just live & let live? Your hatred for others can only make you bitter & miserable.

20 August 2010


Maybe everybody in SA need to think about why this is happening. Being a healthcare worker my patient will always be my first consideration. But in SA government officials husbands wreck state own, expensive, cars and the repairs of this comes out of public funds. This behaviour by people in power is unacceptable, why don’t they save money with stopping things like this and give it to the front line workers which work in horrendous conditions. The poorest are getting poorer and the corrupt are getting richer, what morals. Striking is not the solution, but did management provide a media for issues to be addressed prior? Government hospitals infrastructure is scandalous, staffing levels at dangerous levels, equipment out dated, lack of good quality medication, no rehab, elderly care etc, i can go on. But this is the government the people have voted for

21 August 2010


The monkeys know only one thing – DESTRUCTION

24 August 2010


@ Mimi. I hear what you’re saying. I had to take my mother to a state hospital. Simply disgusting. Endless queues, not enough doctors and nurses etc etc. However, as a civil servant myself – now retired – striking is this particular fashion achieves nothing and makes people lose what little respect they had in the first place.

All you can do is ,in your own way, educate those around you by telling them what’s up with the rich and famous in government and encourage them to vote better next time. Lose the loyalty to the ANC, they have done absolutely nothing for the poor. There are other options, you know.. Give other parties a chance to avoid the 66% needed by the ANC.

24 August 2010


I am black and i agree with Trudy for one thing: we r full of corruption, r selfish and r irreponsible. But never even in ur dreams call us monkeys bcos this take SA back to apartheit. I can call u a name that will make u angry, but it is just that im not foolish enough to do that as it is pointless and it is not gonna solve the problems that i have.

24 August 2010


It’s a fortunate thing that the media is broadcasting these images all over the world for everyone to see. This way, when I tell them that we have this monkey infestation which we have to deal with here, they know what I mean, because they’ve seen it on tv.

25 August 2010


1 stupidity about u Manfred is that u tackle the problem racially. Come on damnit, cant u see that calling us monkeys is not gonna solve the problem, instead u cause another problem: Racism. U should b ashamed for such idiocy.

25 August 2010


This is not new. It’s a known fact the black baboon has not built one single thing in this world. They only know how to destroy. We should chase these black b#rstards to zim,……. oh sorry, the monkeys have already destroyed that country.

27 August 2010


Stupid Robert, ur motherfu#king people came here and enslaved us, thereby preventing us any access to our resources. So how did u expect us to do something. We have black engineers and scientists now. To prove my point im also on the verge of being one.

It is clear that u r a fu#king uneducated, stupid, stereotypical, dumb idiot.

27 August 2010


Someone should tell these striking monkeys that there’s no money for them. This is because their chief monkey is using that money for holiday in China.

10 September 2010

nkosi zondi

Gail i dont think this is the way you should talk about the PRESIDENT,i think you that the president chose people to represent him on his behalf that is the minister of health and for your own info the ”monkey” did not go for holiday!! Please dont get political about the strike.

11 September 2010


Why aren’t you polishing my shoes?

13 September 2010


oh now i understand you immature! racist,coz his black.sorry for that!!!!

17 January 2011

Tera Modi

I totally dig the post, thanks for sharing the info. It’s not too often that you find a report where the blogger knows what they are writing about. Grammar and spelling are right on as well, only thing was I seemed to have was loading up the webpage, seemed kinda slow. Any other visitors have the same problem?

22 June 2011


I just started reading your site – thanks for writing. I wanted to inform you that it’s not displaying correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Tour). Anyway, I am now subscribed to the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks again!

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