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Media tribunal will happen: Malema

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ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said it was time that the media get regulated because people are being vandalised and assaulted by the media.  Malema was speaking at the 10th ANC Youth League Gauteng Provincial Congress in Boksburg, where he opened the provincial executive committee elective meeting.

15 August 2010


It’s this kind of talk that reverses all the progress we hae made. Debbie you should argue constructively. A while ago the media painted our current president bad on a number of issues, including corruption, rape, etc. Yet he was found innocent. What is the media doing to reverse these wrongful accusations? Saying sorry is not enough because its an after fact apology. damage is done. Media must be regulated.

15 August 2010


We need people that is well educated to come up with possitive solutions to our countries problems, Malema has only hurt our country and got us to take 10 steps back, to privatise our mines will only allow one of our last incomes to fall through the floor. What will happen when the bling, bling is gone?

15 August 2010


Yeh, i hear what you are saying but then – who? Within the ANCYL who do you think, is educated enough? It seems that if you are against you will be punished ‘Thabo’ and the SAA former CEO Khaya Ngqula. I would like to know, where is the ANC or any other political party going? Because they promise the right stuff but when it come to delivering the promises they are empty handed? What is Juju all about anyway?

15 August 2010


Debbie we dont talk like that.Im black so u’ve just insulted me by calling him a monkey.Express ur anger wisely.Its not like we r incapable of calling u names, it’s just dat it is pointless and causes division between blacks and whites.

Anyway Julius is like that motherfu#ker Terreblanche, they r all fu#king racists.They should leave this country of ours to where there r no whites or blacks respectively.

15 August 2010

T man

Debbie you must be careful of the names you use against our fellow brothers. we should debate issues on objectively not subjectively basis. there is a need to regulate the media because the damages it cost are far more than a mere opology after the fact. we should desist from the tendency of treating problems than putting measures to prevent them. people are everyday tried and convicted by the media without consideration of their constitutional rights. this is not the kind of democracy we as true SA citizens wish for.

16 August 2010


As stated before, this monkey malema shouts about this regulation because he’s been caught out before involved in corruption and has much more corruption to hide, same as the other monkeys in the anc.

17 August 2010


If it’s black it’s gonna steal something. Or break something. That’s why we need an independant media, to monitor and expose these baboons in the ANC.

17 August 2010


Debbie and Roger, after ur comments i’ve realised ur infinite stupidity. Actually whats ur purpose of commenting here. I mean u better sh#t and eat than wasting time showing off ur idiocy and unintelligence. How can u act like that when u have long pubic hair on ur unspeakables.

19 August 2010


a debate is genuinely being raised for all to critque and give shape to, not for ppl to demonstrate hw barbaric they are by screaming insults at those that have sparked the debate, my submission is
1,media freedom is an absolute necesity for a strenthening and deepening democracy,
2, Money talks and bull**** walks, if then one is to looks at the ballance of economic power relations, who then has a voice through our media? i dare say the ones with money, its the very one who own 95% of JSE, the ones who own 87% of land in SA.
3. most proffessions are requlated with the primary understanding that there is a standard of conduct and behaivour that must be upheld by all, lawyers, teachers and even miners, wat is so special about journalists?

19 August 2010


I pay tax so the infrastructure can be maintained and services can be provided (roads,elec,water,police,hospitals,gov departments etc etc). I have the RIGHT to know how my money is spent !! This is where free media comes in because it exposes corruption or theft of this money. I will NOT accept some baboon like zuma or malema or mthembu or any other monkey telling me what I am allowed to know. These stinking monkeys in government must understand they work for ME, not the other way round!!!

26 August 2010


Well said !!!!!

27 August 2010

Eli Jikelele

@Phil: You raise a number of good points. Such a pity that most ANC apologists on these blogs have no clue what you are talking about.

@Sefotle: Sorry to burst your bubble of ignorance but Zuma has never been found innocent of the more than 700 charges of corruption against him. But then again you obvuiously never let the facts get in the way of your propaganda.

28 August 2010


Its amazing how the ANC always uses poor people 2 push their own agenda n now they r using poor people as an excuse 2 censor da media.im a true ANC supporter but im nt falling 4 that trick again,not this time.

28 August 2010

Neville Paynter

I am very concerned! Yesterday Timeslive published an article entitled:
A motion of no confidence has been tabled against ANCYL president Julius Malema on the last day of the league’s…


I posted a link to this on my FB page.

ANd then when I checked later the report was gone and I cannot find any other reference to it.

I think Timeslive should explain what happened. It’s this type of thing that makes a media tribunal a good idea.

Interestingly you have a poll asking if we believe in journalists or religious leaders. The majority have chosen journalists, i chose religious leaders. This misreporting makes my choice correct.

28 August 2010


Why is this monkey malema squealing about media control. This chimpanzee is clearly afraid we will expose his crimes.

29 August 2010


This malema is not only frustrated that he realises he was born a monkey, but he’s also ashamed because he knows he’s a f@g. A monkey and a homo. Useless!!!

1 September 2010


I’m surprised this monkey has lived this long. I would have thought someone would have taken him out by now.

12 October 2010

Eloy Serratore

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10 December 2010


Malema is furious he was born a chimpanzee. So now he is like a chiwauwau, biting the ankles of the whites who he despises, because they are real people, not monkey like him. But the whites will soon step on this small monkey, and squash him like a bug.

19 March 2011


This small monkey makes us laugh. Every time this chimpanzee opens it’s mouth, some funny noises come out, and we laugh at this monkey called Malema.

1 August 2011


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