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Celebrating Women’s Day with Candace Foster-Doli

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From high traffic to high fashion. Candace Foster-Doli took a short left from the taxi business to owning her own clothing botique. She speaks to us about the media and public perceptions of taxi drivers, her love of fashion and the important role that women have in society.

10 November 2010


Please, everyone knows you neither of the above. You a house wife. Its your sister in law that started Baby Phat. Its because your father owns a Toyota Dealership, they sell taxis. What did you start up on your own?? Please give us successful women not made up dolls who have rich daddies and give their husbands jobs.

14 January 2011


LOL. God Bless you anonomous. Candace Foster-Dollie.

14 January 2011


I worked for 8 years by the way after I earned my degree in Industrial Psychology. I worked for my family business as stated & I didnt say I started Baby Phat. House Wife I wish. Even rich kids must work hard for what they have. Even harder to prove themselves because of peoples misguided social standards. However to all woman out there, strive to be the best you can be. We can all achieve lifes goals regardless of where we are placed on the social standards of society. We should call those things that be not as though they are. The Power of positive thinking & the faith in the most High. Have an awesome weekend & visit me at Baby Phat Rosebank

12 February 2011


So sad!!!

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