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Political Notebook #35: wa Afrika – glad to be home

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Journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika speaks to Sunday Times editor Ray Hartley about his recent arrest and detention by the Hawks. Wa Afrika tells of his fears in prison, the lack of evidence in his case and the police’s political agenda.

8 August 2010

Fohloza Njalo

I am a reporter/video journalist/camera man/videographer, the picture quality is good but the audio (recorded audio volume) is very low. You guys are doing a great job. To Mzilikazi, journalists all over the world are watching, keep up the good work.

8 August 2010


Please test your videos with all the major browsers!

8 August 2010


So good to have you back home. This is just like during Apartheid…. Arrest anyone who says something that you don’t like! Fightening.
Well done for not signing anything and for sticking to your guns.
Thank you for your courage; thank you for your ethics; thank you for doing something about keeping our government in line with our laws; and thank you for not taking the rubbish that was thrown at you. Thank you for doing your job well.
South Africa needs more journalists like you.

8 August 2010


It is clear that the instruction to arrest wa Africa comes from Bheki Cele who is upset that his corruption with the 500 million building deal has been revealed. Clearly 2+2=4

9 August 2010

Msuzo Wa Africa

We did not win this democracy/freedom through sexual intercorse. Our brothers and sisters secrifice with the lives, therefore we will allow jurnalists to run amok and play around with our hard earned democracy.

10 August 2010

Chris Dreyer

Strange. Police do not have time and equipment to follow up on serious crime incidents. But they have everything they need for this seemingly political agenda of somebody! Eish!!!

10 August 2010


Seriously, do something about the video player. The speed of your video player like the Trevor Noah (viral) joke for Cell-C.

10 August 2010


I’m so glad you’re safely back at home.
I grew up in the Apartheid era and I know what it’s like to have a government manipulate information! I was 17 years old when I discovered the truth about what was happening in South Africa (hell, I didn’t even know there was a black majority) – and then only because I spent a year in Australia as an exchange student. It was the most traumatic event of my life and caused a rift between my family and myself for years …. until I discovered that they, too, didn’t have a clue because the apartheid government did exactly what the ANC now wants to do.

On the plus side, we all got to know you and will look out for everything you write in future! Stay safe.

11 August 2010


Good to have u back broer, a word of advice and of courage, U must becareful of these terrorists, look at what happened with the Mbombela spokesperson-was he not threatened and indeed gunned down? I don’t mean to put cold water in your knees-for the sake of your children and your family let them squander Public Funds as long as you are safe.Do U recall when the Pres was faced with multiple criminal charges, didn’t they do anything in their power to ensure that he gets away with evil, so pliz look after yourself broer.
Take care.

11 August 2010


is this Mzee… the house producer???

12 August 2010


Mzilikazi wa Afrika, you are a hero, keep up the great work, the good people of SA are behind you all the way. Got to love our police force though, a woman and child attacked in Pretoria, woman raped and beaten with a garden force, it took almost 1 week for the police to react, and it seems only after the story hit the press. Nice to have confidence in our Police Force!

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