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Campbell testifying about diamonds

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell on Thursday admitted receiving a gift of rough diamonds, in testimony sought by war crimes prosecutors trying to link ex-warlord Charles Taylor to the illegally mined stones. Campbell denied knowing who sent the alleged “blood diamonds”, telling a war crimes court in The Hague she later assumed they came from Taylor after discussing the gift with actress Mia Farrow and her then modelling agent Carole White the following morning. The model was giving evidence at the trial of Taylor who denies receiving the diamonds in return for arming rebels who murdered, raped and maimed Sierra Leone civilians, cutting off their limbs and carving initials into their bodies

8 August 2010


Oh please why would somebody give Campbell a gift of diamonds when they know she is so damn wealthy and she can afford some serious big carrots. Please – she bought those diamonds cash with her money. Why would somebody wanna give diamonds away for no money especially to Campbell when they can earn some money out of Campbell. Nothing is for free. People again 2+2=4. Anybody believing a story that 2 men knocked on my door and gave me a gift of diamonds – wow -sounds like so weird.

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