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Selebi’s brother speaks out

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Sally Evans of The Times spoke to former police commissioner Jackie Selebi’s older brother, Suloman Selebi, outside the South Gauteng High Court, directly after Judge Joffe completed reading his judgement, which sentenced the accused to 15 years imprisonment pending appeal.  Listen as he reveals his personal thoughts and that he considers the judges verdict to be biased.  For more on the judgement click here; http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/article583679.ece/Selebi-gets-15-years

3 August 2010


@Danny: Which monkeys are you referring to – all your doing is exposing your own shameful racist mindset by posting just idiotic comments.

This conviction is not about revenge – it is about the rule of law – so be aware that it has nothing to do with the crazy worldview of you and your ilk – monkeys indeed!

You may thank your stars that no-one came after you – for the atrocities of the past.

3 August 2010



4 August 2010

Abongile Tsotsi

I think other politicians who commit crime bcause of the fact that they are high position they wiil learn a lot from this case. For Mr Selebi its difficults but crime is a crime nothing less nothing more. Let hom serve his punishment.

4 August 2010


Congrats NPA, but why has the public not heard anything with regards Malema’s tender corruption? I suspect that monkey is involved in far more serious amounts of corruption, amounting to millions. Come on media, get digging.

21 August 2010

Solomon Noko Moleele

Crime is crime hard luck to the family n Mr. Selebe we trully feel for him, If I was in his shoes I will
Not go alone! Believe me a lot of ppl r involved, the truth is not yet out, now the NPA should ask Mbeki why
He stopped Pikoli from charging Selebi, Mbeki knows somerhing but the truth will trully come out!

21 August 2010

Solomon Noko Moleele

Mbeki’s government was jst a total f@#ckup, a lot will follow u Mr. Selebi new members r in the office now, how does it feel to be powerless!

30 August 2010

john heyns

haaaaaaaaa selebi wat di you to get 15 year see wat money can save

7 September 2010


Do the crime, do the time.I believe that Glen Agliotti, Selebi, Clint Nassif and all co accused are rotten.Ironic that it is a black, a white and an Indian. Where is the racism?

Throw them all inside for 15 years.

7 September 2010


Selebi is a political victim , he has been taken as a condom of political mustabation by Jacob Zuma

17 October 2010


What abwt the souls that died @ dat time trying 2 get money for drugs

29 December 2010


Why isn’t this monkey in prison yet?

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