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Political Notebook #34: Media freedom under threat?

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This week on the Political Notebook, Sunday Times editor, Ray Hartley, speaks to his predecessor and newly appointed SANEF chairman, Mondli Makhanya, about the growing threats to media freedom. Makhanya answers questions regarding the Protection of Information Act, the mooted media tribunal and the launch of the New Age newspaper

2 August 2010


The Protection of Info Act is an attempt by the ANC to stop the reporting of their corrupt activities. Under cover of this bill, the monkeys want to continue stealing from the country. The media and every citizen must fight this to the bitter end, otherwise all is lost.

5 August 2010


The international governments are watching this. A democracy must have independant judiciary and free press. So far the monkeys have managed to manipulate the courts and now they want to control the press. The monkeys must carry on, but the foreign governments will treat this country as a dictatorship.

6 August 2010


ANC consists of blacks and whites, so when u say monkeys u r referring to urself too stupid dumb Chris.Who the fu#k r u to define a monkey moronic unintelligent sh#t.Ur stupidity amounts to nothing.

6 August 2010

precious mothibedi


Why are not reporting,i mean episode after episode and is not even in you Front Page?? Continue to expose Yourself..

U can only fool fools like yourself,Media in South Africa is like thorn in a flesh,im not a politician but, Media has long exposed itself under pretence of media freedom. WE, The Majority we know that You Media( which is populated by Whites) are angry that ANC rules.You can’t stomach that.Why do you only target what ANC politicians are doing? WHY? where are other politians,Zille,De Lille,Shilowa,Lekota,Holomisa Does it mean they are all Holy?? Why are you always after everything ANC do & report only the NEGATIVES, We know ANC is not perfect so DO YOU.It must be freaking yeh! to be ruled by Blacks ne!! you dont sleep,ANC is such a force for you neh! Where is Your COPE? You created it, now Your Own baby is dying and You are bitter at ANC. Im just an ordinay citizen,not in politics but WE the Majority are not stupid as You think.Your continuous attempts to dent ANC will continue to fail because JULLE Vaders had also stolen from us,so what’s new?? hypocrites??. Big ups for Tribunal,what are u scarred of hehh!!

6 August 2010


Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that we have to continually monitor these monkeys. From the boy that works in the garden to the monkey in a suit in the ANC, you have to constantly monitor them, otherwise they steal something or stuff something up. Now the ANC monkeys want to hide what they’ve been stealing.

6 August 2010

Bharat Vala

Please note that this may be unrelated but isa critical issue in our country today, hardly anybody is concerned with this proble, I’d like the Sunday Times to do some research and comment on it, I see this as two of the biggest threats to our future.

Immigration and China Trade

There is a direct relation between crime and violence in the country and the amount of immigrants that enter the country as well as the amount of goods that are imported from China.

Every immigrant that enters South Africa displaces a job for a local born citizen and puts an unfair strain on already stretched resources like housing, health care, water, energy, food, natural resources, etc. it’s really unfair because there are hardly any government controls on immigration and the porous borders allow entry to an untold amount of people from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Mozambique, Europe, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, China, India, etc.

The policy of the ANC and the government is to be kind and generous and allow an unlimited number of immigrants into the country, this is well and good in theory and will not affect the rich and powerful and the people in power, but the reality can be seen in the streets in every town and city in the country by the number of local born citizens who are unemployed, desperate and hungry, once again, the masses have been short-changed.

So what does uncontrolled immigration do?

a. it places a strain on limited resources of the country, like education, water, food, housing, health care, schools, jobs, energy, etc.
b. it creates legal and judicial problems, in the case of immigrants committing crime, there is no recourse, no records, no justice.
c. there is an increase in the unemployment rate, as immigrants are taking jobs from local people and are working at a much lower rate.
d. there is an increase in the crime rate as people become hungry and desperate.
e. there is an increase in human trafficking where migrants try to enter the hungry illegally.
f. Increase in drug trafficking and prostitution
g. Loss of tax revenue for the government
i. Long term problems of how to extradite immigrants back to their home countries
j. Illegal immigrants who succeed in entering the country are helping others do the same
k. Immigrants propagate the demand for cheap labor and low wages
l. Money earned by immigrants is sent back to their families outside the country, this causes a flight of capital and a loss of valuable foreign currency.
m. In the long term, middle and lower class South Africans will lose jobs
n. Lack of control of immigrants has resulted in thousands of criminals entering the country, this will cause an escalation in an already hostile situation and threatens the security of the country at all levels.
o. An increase in bribery and corruption.
p. an increase in targeted violence against foreigners (xenophobia)
q. an increase in slums and squatter camps
r. an increase in abuse of labour rights by people hiring illegal and undocumented workers
s. All the above factors will keep repeating itself in an endless spiral for every new immigrant that enters the country, if left uncontrolled.

On China and outsourcing jobs overseas…………….

Goods that are imported from China results in the transfer of valuable foreign currency out of the country as well as the loss of jobs in South Africa, the only people who benefit are the Chinese and wealthy local businessmen and some government officials who are unofficially rewarded.

Every product that is imported from China results in the creation of jobs in China with a reciprocal loss of jobs in South Africa, the flight of capital and other resources, loss of tax revenue, less use of raw materials which affects the entire supply chain, loss of knowledge and skills and the long term dependency on China and the resulting increase in crime and violence due to unemployment.

Let me illustrate this with an example, a shirt that is manufactured in South Africa costs thirty rand, the same item is manufactured for twenty rand in China, so companies are closing their local manufacturing plants and importing the goods from China instead, the Chinese and the importer benefit from this, however, a local factory has to be shutdown as a result, this results in a loss of jobs, taxes, less use of resources, infrastructure, transport etc, in fact it affects the entire supply chain and finally the entire country.

Likewise, Information Technology projects are being outsourced to India by companies like Standard Bank as well the government, instead of training and using available local talent, this results in valuable knowledge and money leaving the country and denies our local people to be trained and employed, this is really unfair, the government and industry are using the same policies as the previous government, once again, our local people, mainly people are on the losing side again, how history repeats itself.

So, what is the China syndrome and globalization doing? The Chinese are using South Africa as a raw materials factory by exploiting it’s natural resources and dumping cheaply manufactured goods into the country, this has resulted in a flight of capital and foreign currency out of the country, it has also caused a situation where the people at the top are doing quite well, while most South Africans are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living, left unchecked, it threatens the economic future of the country and leaves us vulnerable to failure and collapse. A scary fact is the South Africa is China’s largest trading partner in Africa mainly for imports from China, so who is the net beneficiary from all of this? it’s China exploiting us for it’s own benefit, and once it has exhausted our raw materials and natural resources, it will abandon ship and leave us ‘floundering at sea. We are being taken for a ride by the Chinese, sadly, very few people recognize this fact and nobody is prepared to stop it, it reminds me of something called colonialism, perhaps relabeled by it’s new tag ‘globalization’.

So going forward, the more the number of immigrants that enter the country as well as for every product that is imported from China will proportionally increase the levels of crime and violence.

In a nutshell, the government has to control immigration, reverse immigration, minimize imports from China, increase exports to China and elsewhere and stimulate the economy by creating new jobs and a a healthy economy by promoting a legal, social and intellectual culture that favours economic growth and entrepreneurship.

The long term macro strategy should be to protect our domestic economy and jobs by becoming a net exporter of goods rather than an importer of goods so that we have a favourable balance of payments. What has happened to patriotism and nationalism? the government has to empower the nation by creating jobs in the local economy South African citizens instead of creating jobs for foreigners and people in China ? At times I wonder who the South African government really represents, the people of South Africa or foreign governments? only history will tell.

I invite discussion and debate.

Bharat Vala

12 August 2010


I think the time is ripe for a foreign media house to launch a newspaper in this country to report on and keep tabs on what the monkeys are doing in the anc. Then we will see what sh#t these baboons get themselves into when they try arrest a foreign news reporter carrying out his duties.

22 August 2010


We will pursue every single monkey like malema, manyi, zuma, khumalo,yengeni, selebi, and anyone else that thinks they clever and steals our money. We coming for you monkeys, and we will send you to jail, that’s for sure, ask shaik and selebi and yengeni, they thought they were far too clever, and we f*@ked them up good. They learnt their lesson. You next.

29 October 2010

Pharmacist Education Requirements

I adore what everyone tend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting! Maintain in the excellent works men I?¡¥ve added all of you to my blogroll, Cheers.

17 January 2011


wonderful collection. Thanks :)

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