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Diski Talk is the new soccer show that caters for the fans of South African soccer. It features interviews, previews and reviews from members of the top PSL clubs.

Extraordinary Joes

Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things - A show dedicated to the everyday moments of brilliant from Mzansi people!

Game On

Game On is the new show that brings you the latest from the gaming world. You can catch previews of the biggest gaming titles around from gamers and in-tune people.

Public service strike

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Public Service Association members took to the streets of Johannesburg embarking on a march after a deadlock in salary negotiations with government.  The union demands’ include a salary increase, a housing allowance and equal medical subsidy for all public servants.

10 August 2010


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20 August 2010


If these ‘public servants’ are battling so much, why are they all fat and over-fed?

23 August 2010


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1 September 2010


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1 September 2010


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2 March 2011

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