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ANCYL takes on court judges

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ANCYL Secretary General Vuyiswa Tulelo has warned court judges not to interfere with the internal processes of the youth league. This was after the  the former ANCYL chairperson Lehlogonolo Masoga and the ANCYL Eastern Cape provincial executive committee took the national leadership to court.

29 July 2010


God@amn, but this is one ugly monkey ! and stupid !

29 July 2010


Hey Fatty-Boom-Boom
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Let me tell you something… :)

29 July 2010


WTF. What do these ay-holes in the ANCYL think they are doing. Jeezuz, is this our future. God help us. Frikkin idiot fat lump of nothing. This can’t be allowed Mr Zuma. Discipline your children for f#$k sakes.

29 July 2010


It looks like a black PIG with a dumb hat on

29 July 2010

Thulani mbhele

The anc yl is run and governed by to power hungry people. Forgeting that they destroying the organisation all in the name of youth empowerment and development, and the founder of the organisation are keeping quiet while two bull dogs destroy the organisation. At the end of it all jacob zuma is to blame he engaraged this boy to think that he is above the constitution of the state, this two idiots must be told “julius malema and vuyiswa tulelo”

29 July 2010

Thulani mbhele

Can somebody cal jacob zuma and fikile mbalula and tell them that the little devil that they created is destroying the organisation and the country, In the name of empowerment and being the mouth piece of the youth. And stop putting a blind eye over it. And as for vuyiswa that leaders like her are not needed if they cant think for them selfs.

30 July 2010


say what you like, call her anything like but she is right. we are tired of this stupid judges trying to run political organisations.

30 July 2010


Craig, we will keep on talking english since u never created it. U r angry u contemptible albino baboon, but u r not gonna do anything bcos u r inferior of course. let ur stupid anger lyk u, hurt u deep inside dumb idiotic pink monkey

31 July 2010


hate it when for no reason at all pipo like Craig start firing unnecesarily well bro we ckuf white girls here in the world they are just flatheads no game at all but that doesnt mean they are not pipo leave race card alone bru you r not potraying any superiority just idiocy

31 July 2010


It’s no wonder the baboons are so far behind civilisation when they have leaders like this monkey tulelo

31 July 2010


Rodney, your comments exposes your empty-headedness u dumd stupid fool. U fu#king dont know what exactly u r talking about. U r the damnest damn pink baboon i’ve ever met in my entire life.

Anyway, all u racists may continue with ur stupidest comments, but one thing for sure is that they are not gonna solve the problems that u have. Ur problems will trouble u till u commit suicide motherfu#kers.

1 August 2010


National Geographic Wildlife (CH 261) has a program on sundays called Monkey Life. I’m going to submit the above clip to them, so they can see what the south african monkeys look like.

2 August 2010


Ha Ha Ha

2 August 2010


idiots like graig want mugabe 2 solve them

3 August 2010


It’s gratifying to see the ancyl come unravelled from within. The courts have just dealt with selebi because he thought he was too clever. Another monkey who thinks he’s too clever is malema, but he will also be dealt with when his tender corruption is fully exposed, that’s for sure.

6 August 2010


Jack,Ur stupid pink tendency of calling blacks monkeys causes division between the races.If u have nothing to talk about, just sh#t and eat damnit.We build u demolish. Grow up dumb *** sh#t.

6 August 2010


The last time one of these monkeys shouted loudly that he would ignore the courts was malema. That chimpanzee said ” we will defy the courts and sing kill the boer”. However, after court action he suddenly realised he wasn’t so clever and he would be put in jail for that and so he shut up very quickly. These monkeys never learn.

10 August 2010


According to Darwin’s books on evolution, 100’s of thousands of years ago a species seperated from the primate line and evolved into man, the forerunner of modern man we see in the world today. However, one species remained on the same evolutionary tree branch with the other primates like gorillas, chimpanzees and baboons, because it displays the same behaviour, looks and mental capacity. That species is the african monkey, an example of which is the above Tulelo. Another example is malema. How strange that something so backward now tries to argue with judges 100’s of thousands of years more advanced.

22 August 2010


Mushy brains in the ANC Leagues and in the whole of the ANC. Simon dear old mushy brain Simon. The righteous and non-criminals that are God-fearing will eventually take back South Africa from the criminal minds of the ANC who are thieves and who has enrich themselves overnight.
Simon – has your mother not taught you not too use bad language.
You sound like a loser Simon. There are good black people and there are bad criminal black people. I ask myself why are the jails in America 80 percent full of blacks??? Why are the blacks in Rwhanda slaughtering each o ther and in many other coutries. Why is the whole African continent so poor ruled by blacks – because you do not know how to build up, but want to steal and destroy and want handouts. You do not know what is an honorable days of hard work and how to earn honorable money. Yes we will take our South Africa back from you criminals. We are just waiting for you to destroy as much as possible and have your own in-tribal fightings where you going to kill your own black brothers and sisters. It is good versus evil. Not black versus white. So miss piggy of the Youth League – wonder what is your educational background and do you drink muti for breakfast – as it aint helping your brainpower that is obvious.

23 August 2010


Lolo, what the hell r u talking about? Why r u telling me about good and bad black people. U misjudged me by saying im a loser. Am i the only one using bad language here? of course not. Do u think is tolerable to be called a monkey? er.

It seems like u dont know what to talk to me. If u r horn#y, u can open ur legs im not gonna fu#k u. Instead use ur fingers.

26 August 2010


This is an on-line newspaper, so it’s read by foreigners in civilised countries. I can just picture them overseas seeing this photo above, shaking their heads and saying ” those stupid monkeys in south africa”.

27 August 2010


Its evident, Patricia Imbecile Bi#ch, that u enjoy staying with this stupid monkeys that u call; Or else u would have long packed ur every sh#t and left the country, for a good riddance. Ur time of suffering is coming and u will find urself fu#king with one of the monkeys. Bear my insanity or desist talking nonsense here!

16 May 2011


That’s the problem with ANC, they always think they are above the law.

8 June 2011


This fat black tulelo pig has gone silent. Must have drowned in its own sh%t that it used to talk.

4 April 2012


It’s cool how easy it is to get side tracked when going through these great posts! Keep it up!

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