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Diski Talk is the new soccer show that caters for the fans of South African soccer. It features interviews, previews and reviews from members of the top PSL clubs.

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Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things - A show dedicated to the everyday moments of brilliant from Mzansi people!

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Game On is the new show that brings you the latest from the gaming world. You can catch previews of the biggest gaming titles around from gamers and in-tune people.

Investing in a unified Africa Part 4

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The OABD ad the African Union are fighting for an environment where investors and business can thrive in a unified Africa. It’s a bold ambition: united we stand, divided we fall might be something of a cliche – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t ring true.

In this program Neil De Beer Secretary General, OABD speaks about

How to change business culture on a huge, regional scale

How to develop future investment in a growing sector

Video Courtesy of: Meet The Boss tv

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