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Education Minister goes back to school

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Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, a teacher by profession, took the morning off from her desk and went back to Winnie Ngwekazi Primary School,  Pimville,  Soweto where she spent the first year of her schooling in grade one.  Motshekga taught a literacy class to the grade three learners where they spent time reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’ out loud, and then had to take a surprise spelling test.  Motshekga imparted her wealth of teaching skills with the learners, as part of the month long 67 minutes of Mandela Month activities.    Photo: Elizabeth Sejake

28 July 2010


The only problem I have is the confusion that all the Education ministers are bringing to the children and the nation. Each and every minister in education is coming up with his/her education system and just delete the other one and until when South Africa will be doing this, I wonder students cannot read these days. There is nothing in life that is total wrong, even if you something wrong but there is something right also. The next minister will come up with another education system again, no continuity.

The other point is that if government and the ruling party is serious about education in public schools, lets start a campaign now and president’s children, minister’s children and children of big guns in the ANC and also SADTU members children must go and study at public schools in the townships, it will be only then that we will be indeed in this together. When we do this then the better schooling and better education that go hand in hand with 1 goal programme will be realized.

28 July 2010


U r right Thando, this fools do not care about improving the quality of public schools education. Instead they take their children to private schools with the government money. As long as people do not get enrolled in tertiary due to poor education frm their respective schools, the crime rate in SA will never decline. This department is a priority and thus it needs seriousnes, nt the bulls#it that we see.

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