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Mosimane wants fewer foreign players in PSL

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Bafana’s new head coach, Pitso Mosimane, outlined his plans for the national squad after their early exit from the World Cup 2010 tournament. In what he called his Vision 2014, Mosimane laid out plans that include lowering the quota for foreign players in PSL teams and having at least two under 23 players in the starting line-up of each team, in the hopes of a better performance in the upcoming African Cup of Nations in Gabon and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

25 July 2010

JJ Ngandu

I am not South African but i have always been a supporter of having a local coach at the helm of bafana bafana. I think that it’s quite difficult for a foreigner coach with no inner knowledge of south african soccer and culture to succeed with the national team. You only have to look at the archives and you will see my point.
I was very pleased to see Pitso being given the job as bafana’s coach. I have not much to say about his plan for the team. I suppose we need to give a chance and see what will happen.What i found quite disturbing is the idea of lowering the quota of foreigner players. Come on now, Pitso. Everywhere in the world of soccer foreigner players always bring an extra into the league where they are playing. They make it even more competetive for the locals to fight for a place in their teams. They have been a certain opinion among foreign coaches that south african players are lazy. Are you saying this to get support from many south africans who dislike foreigner players, or to get support from the lazy players? that’s my question.
Congratulation and good luck with your new job

25 July 2010


How sad, that the first thing Pitso does is focus on a matter that has no relevance to the national soccer team. There are no foreign players in Bafana Bafana. Is his job to coach or he is now joining the political arena?

Now we start the beginning of the end of the national soccer side.
Can we not find a proper soccer coach and not give the position to wanna be politicians?

25 July 2010


No, Celiwe, what Pitso is meant is that Bafana Bafana get players from the clubs, so it means clubs have to produce best players for Bafana Bafana. In South Africa you get a situation where for many years top goal scores are not South Africans, yet when Bafana Bafana plays we need to see more goals. the golden question is from where and who?

Pitso is right the strenght of Bafana Bafana lies on the PSL and overseas players. If we don’t have the best striker or defender in our clubs, then Bafana Bafana won’t have also. Bafana Bafan is not producing but certifying the best players we have.

I hope one day Pitso and Shakes can come to Cape Town and see the real development in Masidlale Soccer Academy and we would like the whole South Africa to do real development of players.

26 July 2010

Mr Roxy Seshoka

For me im so happy for the local coach as he knows the style our play for the South African Players. I also plea to him not to take side when doing team selection. He should noth focus on Super Sport United only as he knows that the players knew him. He should select a representative for seraching talent around South Africans not only in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. There is a lot of talent even in Rural Areas as we all South Africans. I wish him all of the best to his new job.

Mr. Roxy Seshoka

26 July 2010

Phillip Mangena

I dont think the problem is the number of foreign players. The problem in my view is the quality of those players, some of the foreign players are not better than our local guys. Pitso’s wishes regarding foreign player will not happen over night. I’m estimating a period of 3 to 5 years. PSL teams has contract with those foreign players. Does he suggest that PSL teams must dismis some of the foreign players and sent them back home. Hhhhhhhhh XENOPHOBIA.

26 July 2010


Well firstly Congrats 2 have a local coach, I think Bafana team will have high hopes 2 win in the next world cup held in Brazill 2014, Ma qestion is, Is it the Bafana’s Perfomance for this world cup influenced by Foreighners? I think thats being harsh on the idea of minimizing Foreighn players on PLS, cause firstly i think they contribute a big role in creatin strong and quality football among local players in RSA and ofcorse make the games interesting, what i think personally is that, Focus of players in the national team is based on selecting players from big well known teams, Such as Durban, Cpe twn, Jobug. If only players all over the country were to be considered such as Rusternburg, Bloemfontein and those in rural areas, am sure a signicant differnce will b produced in the world Cup. Maybe more

26 July 2010

Mthuthuzeli Mthimkhulu

thats the most stupid widely believed theory in SA football. if SA players are not making it in PSL its not foreigners’ fault, by same token Dikgacoi, Pienaar, Morris, etc should all be sent back to SA.
You dont get better by isolating yoself, but by learning from competition.
How unfortunate for Pitso to say this at such a time politically as well.
wrong man for th job anyways is wht i thnk

26 July 2010


You’re misunderstanding the man. He is talking about foreign players in PSL teams. This would give him a wider pool of players to select from.

26 July 2010


I agree with Pitso. Look at Engalnd and how an influx of foreign players have not given England enough Englishman to select from. It is the same in our country. Foreigners are selected because they will accept less pay and may not necessarily be better than the local player.

If you have more local players in PSL teams , you will not be forced to select a specific player that is not internationally good enough due to the fact that you do not have enough players to choose from.
We have so many foreigners in PSL teams and have not won or done well in the African champions league for a number of years now. So how have the foreign players improved our soccer.
We have to look at our soccer as a developing league. Having under 23’s in all PSL teams is a good start.

27 July 2010

velaphi khoza

Well firstly let me congratulate our new coach. Watching our bloys play lately is like watching a our premiership match. What I mean is that if the first half is out of this world, the second half “sucks”, excuse my French. I think winning games is more than just playing the ball, it is about attitude……. our boys lack that at the moment. THEY SHOULD HAVE THE WINNING ATTITUDE AND THIINK LIKE WINNERS TOO.

28 July 2010


National teams all over the world are not working like academies and clubs, they don’t produce player they used produced players. So the national coach has to give some sort of guidance to clubs to make sure that he get the best players. Layman is right, people are saying English league is the best, but being the best or not is not my urgument, but if it is the best why the national team of England is not the best? the correct answer is on the fact that England teams are the best because of players of other countries.

Pitso is 100% correct, we need not to take that road in South Africa if we want to be counted among the best National Team in the world like Spain, Brazil and other countrie’s national teams.But also this doen’t start at PSL’s team, SAFA should invest in the future, they must take care of the LFAS, because it is where every soccer player starting to kick soccer ball. If they can give each and every team in PSL a million per month, then they can also mobilise sponsors and give teams in the LFAS R30 000 to R50 000 per year. My urgument on this is based on the fact that if we can start professionaliesing the grassroots soccer, we will not have problems of players behaving badly while they are in the big clubs. Safa must support grassroots clubs so that they can produce more best players, Pitso, then you will have the best players ever for Bafana Bafana or whatever name is being called maybe Madoda Madoda or Makhwenkwe Makhwenkwe.

28 July 2010


In South Africa we like talking like we like drinking. Pitso starts his job by talking rubbish all over the media. He is enjoying being a moment’s celebrity. Pitso my friend this is South Africa, you will loose three games then you will be history. With all the foreign players in the PSL you still have a pool to select players. You only need plus minus 23 players from 16 teams. Focus on the job as you are running out of time, the Black Stars are already preparing to board and come for a visit.

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