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Kya sands unrest

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Shop owners in Kya sands which is situated in the north of Johannesburg, have been attacked by unknown men during the night. The shop owners have called it xenophobia while the police said it’s just criminals.  Whether its xenophobia or not, shop owners in the squatter camp are worried for their lives.

20 July 2010


It’s about time the monkeys got busy. I wanna see some action. Like they say – the only good monkey is a dead monkey ! HAhahahahaha

20 July 2010


black people are stupid why are you killing each other me as a black man living europe i feel safe then black home in south africa please people grow up it is the time to live together you black or white or what ever you are

21 July 2010


The only good monkey is a dead monkey. That is my promise.

22 July 2010


i think this must be debated through the media cause it is a serious issue people are killed, for me the only think the media is doing is propaganda let the people speak and let us resolve this thing for a better Africa

23 July 2010


Nicky u r right, living in europe is nice, u don’t know that situation back here at home with this foriegners, many white ppl in south africa r now only hiring ppl from zimbwabwe & other africa conutries bcoz they earn low wage, im currently working out of 33 employees, south africans r 15 the rest r zimbwabwes, & my sister is busy applying for jobs, but they only call zimbwabwes for interview, we don’t get pension fund anymore, when u rise such issue of pension fund & increase, an employer will till u to leave if u don’t want to work, we go on strike zimbwabwes remain working, so what the hell do u think we must do as south africa, in all hospitality industry 90% r zimbwabwes, security 90% zimbwabwes, domestci workers 50% zimbwabwes, 30% malawian. so how r u going to find a job as south african if this ppl r still around……no they must go back to they countries so that our sisters & brothers can get jobs & work, is not like they r no jobs in south africa zimbwabwes r taking over jobs, even the world cup has benefited them more than our home ppl……..im sorry but i hate they way employers treat south african knowing that zimbwabwes r there, they can work any hours a day with a low wage, so what da **** r u talking about

23 July 2010


No more debating! It seems like the monkeys like threatening and threatening and threatening, but no action, as usual. Start the killing f*ckers, stop the yap yap like you monkeys always do.

24 July 2010


Go fu#k urself in hell eric. U r fantasizing bulls#it lyk ur balls albino monkey. The superiority of blacks make ur dumb stupid head go insane. I enjoy it when u r unconfortable abt the reigh of blacks, yet u cant do anything bcos u r a moronic foolish pink boy. U better commit suicide s the tym allows bcos there is no change of any stupid sort that u will see motherfu#ker.

25 July 2010


I’ve worked out how come there’s so many monkeys in this country. It’s all SAB’s fault, because really, the only way these ugly monkeys could possibly breed is if they stupidly drunk from alcohol. Nothing will touch these disgusting animals if they not drunk beyond recognition. Lot’s of Black Label, and they breed. Lot’s of Black Label, and they kill each other.

16 August 2010


HA HA HA ! Ain’t that the truth.

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