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Masoga has withdrawn charges against Malema

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The ANC has managed to convince theĀ  former chaiperson of the ANC Youth League in Limpopo Lehlogonolo Masoga to withdraw the case against Malema.

14 July 2010


I’m responding to the photo that actually published on your side in relation to the incident that happend at Tlakgameng Village near Ganyesa of the service delivery protest. That photo does not give the true reflection of situation around Tlakgameng. Fisrtly no tired road at Tlakgameng and no street lights at all. Please guys report on the actual status core of the specific area, don’t speculate ke a kopa. Send your guys to the area to be in position to report the right information on the right time. That photo that you used it belong someway ko township, Tlakgameng is a village bafethu.

14 July 2010


We want change,malema must go now,he is self centered person n enrich himself.Phambili mzabalazo phambili…

19 July 2010


We’ve jst achieved political freedom and we are still strving for economic freedom and Cde Malema is playing a very gud role in the strugle for economic freedom is thus we stil nid him for the secont term. The ANC leading government has got no enough resources to can provide quality education and deliver services is thus we nid to nationalise state assets such as mines, banks and others so that the state can ‘ve beter stake if not enough. This very year we are celebrating 55 years of freedom chater but we are not yet achieved many things writen in the freedom chater like that one of menerals. So malema never mis represented us and we are still having much of interest in him.

19 July 2010



Brother you must have been in the same school as Juluis, go back and demand your money back!!

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