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We need songs we can dance too: Malema

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ANC Youth League president Julius Malema implored aspiring music producers to write political songs that people can dance to in nightclubs and that tell the story of South Africa’s painful past. Speaking from a DJ’s box on a stage at a Southern African music conference in Braamfontein, Malema said musicians had yet to write danceable songs about South Africa’s history.

12 July 2010


NO!!! We need jobs, we need food, we need schools, we need clinics, we need services, we need politicians, we need ….

14 July 2010


Here’s a song you can dance to – ” bobbejaan klim die berg ” !!!!!!!!

21 July 2010


NAAH JULIUS!!!! why dnt u ryt your own songs? you are bein stupid

27 July 2010


I’ll get my sjambok and then I’ll make this monkey dance

11 September 2010


He is 100% correct in that one, i am seconding his view.

11 September 2010


Innocent he didn`t ask you to produce politicians song but he was just raising his view as an South African resident like me and you. so stop being stupid bra and get yourself sorted pls.

9 November 2010


u mst be white wena (nxa)

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