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Political Notebook#32: ANC Youth League playing politics in court

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In this week’s episode of the Political Notebook, Sunday Times Editor, Ray Hartley speaks to The Times Deputy Editor, Sthembiso Msomi about the litigious tendencies of the ANC and the ANCYL. They tackle the ANC’s seeming inability to resolve its political issues through dialogue and resolving to go through courts instead.

5 July 2010


The ANC mother body and the ANCYL are loosing the platform due to Mr. Malema. How can the whole country be run by someone who doesn’t think about anyone by themselves? We are creating a monster which will be more powerful and we won’t be able to face it in the future. The guy was got and he has served hi purpose by ensuring that the ANC wins the elections and that it.

Yes I might be one of the people who are kicking themselves due to electing him but that won’t help. We need someone who will deal with issues of the youth not personal issues. The fact that he couldn’t afford expensive cloths that shouldn’t be our problem but his.

Mr. Malema must just pack his small back and go back home to LIMPOPO where he won’t be welcomed. Why are people afraid to talk or deal with the LIMPOPO youth conference. When Andile what’s to wants to say his side of the story as he was also part of the conference threads are flaying all over for his head. Yes politics is a dirty game but we as people have a right to elect our leaders. Enough is Enough. Africa doesn’t need stupid leaders any longer. We need people who can think and work with people who put you in those position(s).

Our previous President (Mr. T-man) thought he was on top of the world and untouchable at some stage during his term and look at him now. If that didn’t ring as a wake up call for others who are still there or coming, then we have a serious problems in our country.

In closing:

I was part of the LIMPOPO conference (ANCYL) I went there as an observer together with other ANCYL members and things which were reported in the media or said by our youth president is contrary to what he did personally. He has done the damage and he doesn’t deserve another change!

Why is the mother body allowing such behaviour? ANC will find it difficult to win the next year’s local government elections if they don’t deal Mr. Malema’s behaviour. We are not going to allow such people to be are leader.

“Mr. Malema, this you see this is not Zimbabwe this is South African” don’t be tjatjarag……….go out OUT maan of the ANC!

5 July 2010

Mdu khuzwayo

Its sad what you people are putting our organisation through ,you making us ajoke,both Julius and Andile are adisgrace you are putting the youth league through this why?just for power im better of poor serving abranch than be deviding the organisation,nw Andile wants to go and testify in court damn,what are you doing in the nyda,nothing in kzn you damn full of yourselves guys ,we need aleader ,damn

5 July 2010

Mdu khuzwayo

Why be led by court leader,while have good and capable leaders ,ihate what these two boys Andile and Julius are making the youth league to be ts all about themselves please man stop deviding our organisation ,the branches are not blind the branches wil nt vote for either of you we will go for acompromise candidade nd ithink we hv many capable leaders,take your Lehonolo nd Matiti we hv capable young people .

25 September 2010


Mr. Malema and everyone else in the Youth League should realize that their Soviet inspired ideas have failed to bring economic freedom to any country in the world. In the former USSR that promoted those ideas, Russia, currently has business taxes of 20% and personal income taxes of 20% and is a thriving capitalist economy that is enriching everyone. Economic growth is 7% per year. That is the former USSR. If Malema wants to become a leader of note he has to study the economics of the modern world: capitalism. And the capitalists of this world are the best friends the poor has ever known: they have provided work, business investment, technology and skills development in hundreds of countries. China alone has lifted 200 million people out of poverty though capitalism, through trade and investment.

The youth league should study the success stories of Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and understand why their people earn average salaries of R350,000 a year. Why they live in wealth. It is because they have pursued the free market – and that means privatization, small business development.

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