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Zenani Mandela’s funeral

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Former South African President Nelson Mandela made a rare public appearance to be at his great grand daughter’s funeral Zenani Zanethemba Mandela, 13. Zenani died in a car crash after the World Cup concert on June 10.

19 June 2010


This is a completely racist remark by “larry” and should be removed.

22 June 2010


Racist and inappropriate

26 June 2010


The wheel turns. Swallow the bitter pill of reality !!!! Now you see what we’ve all had to endure on our roads for years with these monkeys behind the wheel (taxis and other monkeys).

27 August 2010



An innocent child died and all you can say is this racist rubbish. The wheel will turn on you too. You must be an extremely evil and miserable person. You do not want to live with monkeys, then leave SA.

27 August 2010


An innocent child lost her life, a family lost a child and all you can say is this racist rubbish. The wheel will turn on you too. You have the nerve to call a whole race of people monkeys. Look in the mirror, if you have one, and you will see the biggest monkey of them all staring right back at you. You are an evil, heartless and miserable person.

5 November 2010


its funny how you insult the family of a man who showed you ubuntu when apartheid came to an end harry. if it was not for mandela you would be shouting those words in the afterlife or somewhere in europe. so be grateful and count your blessings.

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