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Malema sets police on rivals

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In this exclusive Times LIVE footage ANCYL president Julius Malema gives instructions to the police to chase out delegates who were booing him during the ANCYL Limpopo Provincial Conference that took place on the 09th and 10th of April 2010 in Makhado.

In the video Malema can be heard asking the leader of the South African Police Services Makushu (Head of the VIP protection unit) to chase out delegates who were booing him. “Comrades we are asking the leader of the South African [Police] Services to bring crowd control inside and remove this crowd. We are not going to run congress through hooligans here. And we are asking the police to take over all security points. The ANC security must be removed….

17 June 2010

Loudly South Africa

Calling in the police to sort out unruly blacks is exactly what happened at Soweto on June 16th.

18 June 2010


Isn’t it nice to know that VIP protection officers are spending their time baby sitting the Limpopo creche. Anyone else see an abuse of state resources? ******* appalling

18 June 2010

Vuyo Given Yekani

Rules are clearly outlined before the commencement of any official and constitutional gatherings of all structures of the MDM. Delegates are always cautioned against unruly behaviour. Pre-Conference packs usually provide a CODE OF CONDUCT in for all conference delegates. Comrades who are found to guilty of not adhering to such a CODE OF CONDUCT are also warned of all the punitive measures. This reinforcement is one of the punishments that comrades who portray hooliganism should be getting.

There might have been disagreements, but holding conferences @ ransom through singing or any other form of disruption is highly out of order!!

I’m fearing a scenario whereby the President of our Youth League would be portrayed as the wrong person in this case, whereas he was enforcing what was agreed upon (and made known to Conference delegates i.r.o of CONDUCT).

We’re also cautious of disruptive forces who are conducting a witch hunt to discredit the (only) President of the League. Such shall not be tolerated as it only seeks to divide the organisation .



18 June 2010

Tommy Davids

What has happened to freedom of expression. This reminds me of the ‘apartheid regime’ we fought against.

18 June 2010

Tommy Davids

We clearly have a new oppressor who cannot deal with any criticism or opposition. Events like the world cup is trying to unite the nation. Good leadership like ex Pres Mandela tries to unite our rainbow nation. Is this the beginning of postmodern apartheid?

18 June 2010


Why is south Africa tolerating this man? he is a treat to democracy and to peace in South Africa and they call him a leader to take presidency over form Suma??? what happened to the anc? they become like the government they hated for so many years and now they even become their own enemy.

18 June 2010


It seems like a reasonable request from Julius, if he was holding some sort of non-political conference. The main problem were the police, they should have done nothing even though they had been given permission they should simply have ensured that nobody committed any crime. This was an internal issue the the YL should have been made to deal with, the police had no place there.

18 June 2010


We as South africans blacks in particular have no right to complain because we are the ones that voted for this party.We are the ones who appointed uneducated people into these position. now we must reap what we sowed.

18 June 2010


@Abongwe, Im black and have NEVER voted for the ANC. It is not my fault that we have this loon as the ANCYL President.

18 June 2010


the problem is that we vote for the party not the individual, the fact that malema is unruly does not reflect amage of the ANC there are great leaders within the ANC, the only thing that they should change is the process of electing leaders, this conferences they are not helping anyone

18 June 2010


The lad was just controlling an unruly group that was about to ’cause violence. I do not see any wrong on his side. I frankly dislike Julius (not hating him though) but I think we should not overly exaggarate … “Loudly South African”, you are just like Julius. Perhaps you should be friends with him. I do not understand what is wrong with you people. Your mothers and fathers did not teach you manners and so speaks the articulation of your sentiments.

18 June 2010


You idiots please explain how you’re supposed to sort out an ill-disciplined, disruptive crowd at an elective conference. Was he supposed to go on his knees, beg and plead with them? You’re too emotional when it comes to Malema, you never think.

18 June 2010

Cde Xhakaza

I do not understand whats this fuss is about because clearly every organization is premised from constitution with organizational discipline at the center of every process. Now, in this congress, if other people resort to undemocratic and unruly behavior….clearly standing and singing while majority are sitting down (see video)…they must be removed so that proceeding can continue…you can also hear Pres Julius asking them to sit down and behave or otherwise be removed….there is nothing wrong in that….same as the journalist who continued to interject and disrupt Julius..(I am not saying the manner in which Juju addressed the journalist is correct but clearly that Journo misbahaved). These people wanted to hold the congress at ransom and in the ANC like any other organization, if you donot behave, you will be removed.

18 June 2010


We have a great country and excellent people. This dictatorship style of leadership is not what South Africa needs. 1994 gave birth to freedom and democracy, The future with leaders like this.
Im not sure !!!!!!!

18 June 2010

Ntsikelelo Ngonyoza

Small things ammuse small minds…

18 June 2010


He is undoubtedly the biggest threat to a democratic society. He is a crook and a megalomaniac who believes he is answerable to nobody. Interesting how the corruption investigation has gone quiet after comments that the bridges his company built have all washed away.

18 June 2010


“Push, outside!” ai his very serious!

18 June 2010


Kyllex. I think you are the IDIOT together with your mate Malema.
If Malema was a good leader, such a thing would not have happen.
If he can’t controll his “own” people, how do YOU suppose him running a country one day.
It will be the biggest joke ever. He is like a little spoiled boy who can’t get a toy he wants, just like his friend Mugabe. Same story.
Malema needs to be kicked out and go stay with Mugabe. Give someone else the chance who is worthy for the possition as leader of the ANCYL.
If OUR country was a circus, Malema whould have been the head CLOWN.
We are building a new nation that needs to stand together, all races and genders.
STOP your idiocrassy. Its not going to work.
WAKE UP !!!!!!!

18 June 2010



18 June 2010

Idi Amen

I dont see anything wrong with what Malema – whom I dislike – has done. Since donkey’s years it has been normal practice that police are present at political meetings and if there are disruptive elements, they are called upon to remove them. What Malema has perhaps done here is to act perfectly within his rights and the law to assure an undemocratic outcome. But that nobody can prove. He simply outsmarted his opponents. And since when, all you Mother Grundies, has politics been fair, clean or moral??

19 June 2010


You behave OR else you jump!! what a comedian

20 June 2010


Welcome back apartheid!

20 June 2010


bogus my brother/sister you remind me of a saying “Talk about the kettle calling the pot black”.
You have through your comments shown how undemocratic you are and how you are like what you are saying “Malema”. An ANC is a very serious organisation, party members would have not endorsed Malema all these years if he was not a true leader.
If you were listening to Zuma and Fikile Mbalula, Malema’s flaws are “Short Temper” and “Maturity in Politics”. This does not however mean he is not a true leader. I gather that you have not been in a leadership position and therefore are an ignorant bogus person.
Leadership my good sir is not about right all the time, even Mandela himself will tell this. When i looked at Mandela i saw an angel, but when he confessed to the shooting of Inkatha members next to Luthuli house some time ago i was shocked as i did not expect this from tata. So please spare us your passionate hatred which to some of us means zilch and zero.
Stop tackling the man and tackle the problem. In his (Malema) utterances he even said that he does not have the problem with delegates who are there to behave in the conference.
The ANC and ANCYL are not mickey mouse organisations, they are organisations with rules.
Unruly people must be dealt with properly, “Vuyo Given Yekani comments above sums iot up”
Look the word “Idiot” in your dictionary whilst looking at the mirror and be honest with yourself.
“Who is the idiot now”?

20 June 2010


The President of the Ancyl was right to request police to remove unruly elements, that was a constitutional gathering and Anc structures should stamp these disruptions, it makes a mockery of our movement.

20 June 2010


This doesn’t make a mockery of your movement. All you monkeys were long time a joke in everyones eyes. The ANC is a circus, with monkeys performing in it.

21 June 2010


the leading party is a joke,it rules like kids at pre school,they just do anything that comes to their mind.

21 June 2010


It sounds to me that you have practiced the idiot thing infront of the mirror yourself.
And it seems that YOU too have to smell the air and wake up.
Go and read your history books about dictatorship my dear man and then let me know what happened to the IDIOTS (you can look the word up an any dictionary) whom tried to practice it.
It doesn’t work my dear friend.
Now that is exactly what your friend Mr. Malema is trying to do, and believe me, that is his goal in the long run.
I agree. He does have good leadership skills, and to be in his position in not a easy task. But don’t abuse your rights to practice “apartheid” manners onto your fellow countrymen and suporters.
If you can not take criticism, you do not qualify do be a leader.
A good leader work around criticism, and that makes them strong. Mr. Malema made a fool out of himself and the ANCYL too many times now. Unfortunately that is the way the media and the international media are seeing it, thus making himself a unworthy leader in the political world.
So please open your eyes and realise that the ANCYL needs a better leader. Not someone who thinks only about himself and for himself. That is not the way it works my dear friend Mr. Rayzer.
This country of ours, this rainbow nation of ours, this upcoming fast growing country that could be a good example to the world, are too fragile at this stage to allow a person such as Mr. Malema to brake our country down. If you can smell the air of this wonderful country of ours, you will see the truth my friend.
It sounds to me that you are an intelegent young man. Be proud of your country and work to build this country up to the best nation ever. Don’t braek it down my friend. You still have a lot to learn.

21 June 2010


Maleme does not have a right to call police when the situation is out of control. for your information he is not in government he is just the YOUTH League president. Its only the commissioner of MEC of safety who has those powers. Rowdy or not, Malema does not in anyway have powers to order police. that was a clear indication of State Power abuse by him and his friend Cassel Mathale..

22 June 2010


Do you need to be the MEC of Safety to call the police for help? You people are being ignorant. A small minority cannot hold a conference to ransom. Even if they went to the ballot, they would have lost anyway. Rather than lambasting the custodian of the ANCYL Constitution for doing his job(i.e. defend the YL Constitutional principle of debate and democracy) we should be disgusted by those delegates’ behaviour. Mind you there can never be a democracy when people are singing rather than speaking.

23 June 2010

Vuyo Given Yekani

If you read my initial comment, (the 4th one after the video); you would understand that Cde Malema did what was necessary at the time, Conferences should never be held @ ransom by disgruntled members who cannot accept the outcome of democratic processes. Cde Malema, as the chief custodian of the constitution of the organisation (as clearly said by Cde Lebo) did what was best to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. If blood be shed, let it be of those delegates who brought disruptive elements to the conference.


24 June 2010

Lone Ranger

Has anyone noticed there are precious few “youths” in the adience that stayed behind? Most of them look like 30-somethings to me!

24 June 2010

white south african

In the past ANC has been critisised for holding unruly an-organised conferences – i don’t see anything wrong with kicking out people who are trying to disrupt proceedings

25 June 2010

Jot Engelbercht

This is hilarious!! Malema is a joke, the ANC Youth league is a joke! And for all the people who attended the conference well, getting up dancing, or is it “toi toi”" all I can say is EISHHH!! EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION….. Build a nation with this…. eishhhh!!

25 June 2010


You can’t build a nation with monkeys……..Ignore these baboons and concentrate on your own life

27 June 2010


VOTE for ANC Malema is what you get.
VOTE for ANC Black “apartheid” is what you get
VOTE for ANC Mugabe number two (Melema) is on his way.
VOTE for ANC And reap what you sowed.
READ HISTORY of this world and you will see how people like Melema have come to power and
the death and misery they have left.
People of SA deserve better than a ANC circus.
Last thought – what has Melema got over Zuma to get away with it?????

27 June 2010


You are an idiot. You are only calling it “unruly behaviour” because it is against the ANCYL. If it was ANCYL acting like this, you will call it justifiable.

28 June 2010


Can someone answer this PLEASE?
If Africa was is it was and no white man had ever been here.
Would there be hospitals?
Would there be Schools?
Would there be Jobs?
Would there be taxis, trains, and buses?
Would there be electricity?
Would there be water on tap?
Would there be sanitation?
Would there be free houses?
He list is endless.
Just another thought!
Look at history
USA Slavery of blacks almost the annihilation of red Indians.
Australia’s poor blacks used for target practice.
Slavery of blacks in other countries and there fight for freedom.
The persecution of Jews in World War two.
Another endless list.
Will the poor me and the racist card also be endless.

28 June 2010

mickey mouse

This does not say much for the understanding of democracy by the youth . Ignorance and the ignorant continue to rule the ignorant masses. If you look up to this man you surely deserve your future

28 June 2010


I will say this very clearly———-malema is a MONKEY. All who follow him are therefore stupid monkeys.

29 June 2010


Why where they removed? is it not a black thing to dance and to sing? I’ve seen this scene 1,000s of times but they are not allowed to do it at J’s meeting? What is good for the goose is good for the ……?

1 July 2010


But what our friend Vuyo fails to address is Julius Malema’s personal hooliganism and repeated infamous political buffoonery. Chasing a BBC reporter out of a Youth League “Media” Conference and not to mention his gate-crashing of the SACP’s special congress in Polokwane on 10 December 2009. He was duly branded by both Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe for his “buffoonery” and his “political immaturity”

I doubt if Vuyo actually has any idea of what “ECONOMIC FREEDOM” entails.

ROAR on, my young LION-wannabe friend

3 July 2010


It’s a black thing to jump around and scream like chimpanzees. That’s why we call them monkeys.

5 July 2010

Riaan van der Merwe

What a twat….the future for our country is the ones who have “power” will abuse and those who oppose them will suffer.
Dont understand how normal people can allow this man to carry on, he deserves nothing.

And in the shadow South Africa burns……God help us all.

7 July 2010


The way you make your comments its shows that your stil healing that the wounds for apartheid we dont care who did what in the past and if you guys are reffering blacks as monkeys and what is the definition of white in your own context ?

8 July 2010


The public pays tax so the police can enforce the law and protect citizens from the criminals. The question is why is the police force being misused by being at these gatherings of chimpanzees in the first place. Which monkey is responsible for this abuse?

9 July 2010



9 July 2010


Malema is not a TWAT. A twat you can still use. Malema is half a twat. Useless! That monkey is useless !!

21 July 2010

Fighting the Myopia!!

the Bob Mugabe virus is spreading …my poor poor poor country, ripped apart by power hungry, self serving, mediocre autocrates, devoid of experiance and vision. So focused on self preservation that they miss the international boat that is sailing further and further away. THe mayor of London rides a bicycle to his office, Senators in Washington run to work, In South Africa our miniters need a cavalcade to go around the block, YOU SERVE US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!!
We fought for free and fair elections and we get a party hell bent on introspection and intellectual suicide. Stop the reverse racism, Aparthied was wrong, we get it, we ALL get it NOW GET OVER IT and get on with building a WORLD class country. The self imposed double standards only serve to hold us back. I work with clients in 23 countries around the world and for 16 years I have got more and more embarressed to carry the NEW South African Passport I once was so proud to possess.
Crime: up!
Rape: up!
HIV: up!
Level of incompetent political leadership: up!
Brain drain: up!
I fear for my counrty I fear for my daughters, I fear it may be too late!

21 July 2010


I think this monkey malema thinks he is government. Meanwhile he is un-employable. No company in the country will employ this little chimpanzee

27 July 2010


My dogs even know what a monkey is. They only bite black monkeys.

8 August 2010


I just laugh at this chimpanzee malema, because he thinks if he wears the white man’s clothes or tries to speak the white man’s english maybe he can fool himself he’s a human, but, alas, we not confused, we know he will always be a small monkey.

15 February 2011


Nothing Malema will ever do again, whether mibnor or major will ever be justified again. and that is our own fault – because we will stand by our words. this boy has caused enough of a rucus in South Africa, to allow us to ever to stop hating him. hate is a strong word, but he will never gain the respect of the people that disliked him only once. I admit that even if he does something good, something major good, his bad side of the scale is already weighing too heavy, and we do not see place for a person like him. We don’t WANT to forgive him. What is he still doing there?

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