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Julius Malema to face genocide charge

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Julius Malema may be facing a genocide charge at the international court of Justice in Hague, in the Netherlands. A farmer in Rustenburg has a laid a charge at the court against Malema for his song ” kill the boer.” The farmer says that the song is “inciting genocide against Afrikaans Boers.”

8 June 2010


Well done ! We must all do more to deal with this monkey malema. If no action is taken by the International Court in Netherlands, then by deduction we will also be able to go around shouting ” Kill the k*ffir – kill the monkey “.

9 June 2010


What ever….the reality is Boers Hate us Blacks Malema was on spot…they must live the man alone!!!!

9 June 2010


It seems like zuki has gone to each “Boer” and asked them if they hate blacks… That is the only way that you could really know if all “Boers” hate blacks. As a matter of fact, farmers in SA provides jobs and lodging for thousands of blacks, so how can they hate them that much if they need them to cultivate the lands. We whites and blacks must live together and leave the supremacists alone…

P.S. I am a Boer and I don’t hate blacks!

21 June 2010


Wessels you have a wrong understanding of providing jobs and lodging, perhaps you one of those who still defend and against the fact that our land was stolen from us because you are most probably a beneficiary of apartheid. Keep on enjoying the benefits but your time will come.

28 June 2010

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6 July 2010


I am 28 years old and was too young to even understand what apartheid was about when it existed. I had absolutely no benefit from apartheid as BEE started and I could not get a bursary with my high grades. I got a loan from the Nelson Mandela fund (NSFAS) and studied engineering. Therefore I made my own riches with the help of Mandela.
People like you will drive the country into the ground. Your wives and children will have to go seek food and refuge in neighboring countries just like the Zimbabweans! You don’t think about the ultimate consequences. Learn from Zimbabwe moron.

13 July 2010



You are under the wrong impression if you think that this land ever belonged to “you people”.The whole damned lot of you moved down here from the North because you cowards ran away from your uncivilised bush life.Do’nt keep on with the old ‘apartheid” story.You bunch of uncivilised animals are practising a worse form of apartheid now that you ignoramuses are in charge.This country is in such a bad state – just look how you darkies are killing and raping and getting away with it because your black judiciary is a bunch of sh*t.

19 July 2010


Maybe there’s a zoo in china that we can send this little monkey malema to.

24 October 2010


SA has come a long way to see it being ruined by low life people, the song is outdated & DOES NOT, DOES NOT qualify among the challenges young people face today(AIDS, CRIME, DRUGS etc, am 23, black & and trying to work ma self up. moreover the fact remains, white people did stole the land. so what , instiling fear to us does’t work. get over it people..

25 October 2010


It is such a pity we still have people who nurture that kind of hatred for another human being. South Africa will definately go down if people continue like this. I am a Zimbabwean and notice with shame and hurt that boers still hate black people. Please unite and build your country we (Zimbabweans) wont be here for too long to help you do it.. Malema was wrong but do not judge the entire black nation based on his actions!!!

25 October 2010


if what you saying is true then why are our parents being paid penuts.start by payin fair wages n den wel gt alng

25 October 2010


we are in desperate need of good leadership.we are lead by corrupt officials.we are living in the misery of poverty.but let us not blame everything on zuma we also have a role to play in improving our living starndards.it all begins with ubuntu.i just came back from hospital after being mugged and i nearly didnt rih
ght my final exams.matriculants lets do our parents proud

25 October 2010


We pay “penuts” because that is what monkeys eat.

25 October 2010


Vic Your comment only serves to justify the animus… Just saying

25 October 2010


would you like to put that into practice? coz i cant wait.

25 October 2010


The White people are after Julius trying to fight against lost political power with all sorts of things, this charge, that charge etc- you are asking for another 1976 here. Let me tell u something, Juju says already he is on his way out and is leaving office next year. They are grooming another youth leader, worse than Malema- he is busy laughing at you for you are all going to run away!!!

25 October 2010


Malema is small monkey. We not worried.

25 October 2010


Boer… *****… all these name calling won’t do much good folks. Let’s just go back to the ring and tussle it out. It seems like ‘94 just didn’t sort out a lot of things but just swept things under the carpet. Anyway, that’s what happens when one fella forgives another’s enemy!

25 October 2010


That ***** is ka*ir

25 October 2010


If you can,t wait , then put your tel number here so I can tell you personally, monkey.

25 October 2010


hey all the whites must understand that malema is learning from his mistakes and the ANC is the composer of the song back then wen the boers were oppressing the black more than they are doing now. But the bottom line is that its time for south africans to stand up and grab the land from these bloody technocrats…u may say zim wat zim this but as a matter of fact bob educated his people gave them land and now they are enjoying the fruits of wat their forefathers fought for.. its just that the way the land was taken in zimbabwe was hap-hazard but just give zimbabwe ten more years, all the generations to come will enjoy to the fullest. am zimbabwean and i have my own piece of land and am currently studying now and at the same doing poultry production at my farm in zim employed 7 of my fellow black men for a better salary than wat the british used to pay its was paltry salaries…so to hell with the oppresers! viva malema viva zim

25 October 2010


Njonkaapha there seems to be an underlying “Threat” in many blogs. Is this a way of trying to intimidate whites? To force those to leave, who were also born in this country, and who also worked VERY hard to make a better place here. My friend, I was born here, and I ain’t goin Nowhere. Are you threatening further murder and mayhem? Do you think whites would offer themselves, and say “Kill me please?” You talk dangerous stuff here. Rather think first before you incite anything. Your arrogance will evaporate when you grow up.

25 October 2010


Hey ZimGuy you a hero man! 7 people?!!!! How many were employed there before? A few hundred?
Wake up dude! Look at the destruction around you!!! A few years ago there were 265 game farms/lodges in Zim. Now there are 6. In 10 years time will you still have your piece of land? Or will you have raped it and moved into a city slum somewhere? I hope not in SA. There are so many Zimbabweans in SA who do NOT have pieces of land in Zim. Their turn will come….one day they gonna come marching home….

25 October 2010


You wasting your breath with these monkeys. The monkey doesn’t understand anything except destroy everything, like Zim. Broken down and full of stupid monkeys.

25 October 2010


Keep it up you lot , there is a lot of people waiting for a good barney

25 October 2010


I cannot believe this hate speech. You are now at the same level as the Malema. This will never bring peace to this country. Did Madiba suffer in vain to bring about peaceful transition. It is the ordinary people who will make the difference not Malema. It starts with you.

25 October 2010


Well Done Daisy! Its disappointing seeing the vitriol that is being spewed here on both sides.
Grow up people, and please bear in mind when arguing your point, that personal attacks and name calling count against the poster … look up the fallacy of “ad hominem” on wikipedia

26 October 2010


Zuki, perhaps you will not understand what I am about to say, with your lack of education which I can detect in your spelling (it’s leave not live)…. perhaps I am being presumptious, but from your insinuation of boers hating blacks, I can only assume you are the type of person who is typically actually rasist themselves.

I hope for your sake you read up and become more knowledgeable about this subject as you obviously know nothing of what you speak. I feel great sympathy for you, as you most probably know no better.

26 October 2010


Doesn’t matter which monkey comes forward and threatens us, it can be mokaba (dead monkey) or malema (stupid monkey) or any other monkey in the future. You threaten us, we will bliksem you.

27 October 2010


You got educated from bob???? How come you cannot spell basic words, you dumb chimpanzee. You mustn’t come talk k@k here in our land, you zimbabwe monkey. Voetsek !!!

1 November 2010

Calvin Crivello

There are no side effects to the acai berry. It’s like eating a fruit. Best check with your attending physician.

1 November 2010


Calling one another names is not gonna change anything. So stop ur fu#king foolishness, u twits. SA is undergoing reconcilliation, and so all those idiots that r pulling back, they r just wasting their effort. Its obvious that all the racist sh#t r uneducated “dom kops”, because if u go to university u will find no racism. Rubbish embeciles

1 November 2010


You can’t change the fact that malema and you are monkeys, whatever you say

6 November 2010

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6 November 2010


What’s happening with this charge? Has an arrest warrant been issued? We must arrest this monkey and send it to jail.

14 November 2010


Listen here you black chimpanzee, voetsek back to zim. There are no “black people”. There are white “people”, and then there are black monkeys. We have too many monkeys in this country already calling themselves the anc .

19 January 2011


This chimpanzee called “malema” is going to get another fine from the courts. Afriforum must bliksem this monkey. I will donate to the court case for Afriforum.

5 January 2012


The first part of your post I agree with (if it is more or less grammatically correct). We need to look at the issues today and not live in the past.

But, alas, you follow the ‘whites stole the land from blacks’ mentality. For the most part it is true. But over 90% of the land was uninhabited, and that would mean whites legitimately then can claim that land as theirs? Won’t work. Secondly, the land that blacks inhabited upon the whites’ arrival, was also stolen, by the blacks from the bushmen. Therefore while some of the land was stolen from blacks, it originally was not theirs to begin with.

Even so, the argument will not work. It would see many being forced from their land. Blacks included. Whites would be in control of a vast majority of the land, and this wouldn’t work for obvious reasons. Then, too, is the issue of the USA, land taken from Canada, Mexico and Native Americans. Most blacks would have to leave to go to Central Africa, and what about all those who emigrated? They will have to return to where they belong. Surely you could see where all this would fail!

Finally, it builds onto the ‘us vs them’ mentality. This land is ‘ours’. ‘We’ let ‘them’ live here. ‘They’ must abide by ‘our’ rules and what ‘we’ want. Should we not stop seeing things as black and white, and rather look at each other for what we really are: humans? Would it not be better for the cohesion of our society if we dismissed man made labels? Racism needs to stop on both sides! If one side continues to spout reasons why they are ‘right’, the other side will continue to do so.

Just because you think you are on the ‘correct’ side of the line, doesn’t mean you actually are. Remember, white supremacists too think they are correct and have ‘evidence’ to support their position.

So stop towing the line of division, and if you truly cared about South Africa’s people (black, white, asian, coloured, indian, etc), start focusing on our current situation to END the racism, and make a better future for all.

P.S. There are many whites who are not racist, and do not hate the blacks. People need to realize that DA does not equal whites, and the ANC does not equal blacks. Whites’ contention of the ANC, does not mean they hate blacks. And people need to start seeing that if the ANC lost power, apartheid would NOT return. We simply would have a different (and hopefully, more effective) government.

5 January 2012


No land was stolen , because when the Europeans arrived on this land, the black monkeys were swinging in the trees. The land was free and available.

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