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Irate Khayelitsha resident dares police

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Irate Khayelitsha residents have been protesting against the City of Cape Town’s decision to remove the unenclosed toilets after ANCYL members destroyed enclosures erected by the City last week.  During their protest some residents were arrested and one of the protestors dared the police to arrest them, here is what he had to say.

3 June 2010

David Farrow

Brand new stadium in Cape Town, goverment wont provide citizens with basic toilet facilities, glad to see the “rainbow nation” knows what its people want and need.

28 October 2010


Why should the DA screen a loo for 50 people (out of 1300) who CAN build their own screens but who are too lazy to do it? If they want to get violent about it, just shoot them. They’re not adding any value to this world with their violent, boorish, idle existence. Everyone is better off without such riff-raff.

28 October 2010


The monkeys destroyed the enclosures that were provided. It’s obvious these baboons prefer to take a dump in the open, like dogs do, so we will not build any more toilets. Problem solved.

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