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South African Reserve Bank Recalls R200 notes

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The South African Reserve Bank has recalled the R200 note for upgrading. However, it said it was not because of the recent spate of counterfeit notes.  The new notes will have the South African Coat of Arms, Diamond shapes and Gold Shimmering bands among other things to distinguish it from the old notes.

8 June 2010


I would like to know that the reserve bank still accept the old R2OO for after the deadline of the 31may2010

22 October 2010

Iain Bain

I have an old business associate in the UK who recently found 5 old R200 notes in his possession. When he tried to deposit them in the UK he was told they were no longer valid. Is there any possibility of him exchanging them at the Reserve Bank?

14 February 2012


On the 11 February 2011 i withdraw R4000 from one of SA Banks ATM. to my surprise there was two R200 old note on the cash that was withdrawn. i immediately went to the ATM branch to report this but they said they cant accept the notes. How should one deal with this kind of situation and why are these notes still available on the ATM machines while reserve bank says they don’t need them anymore?

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