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Lolly Jackson’s funeral

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Family and friends of killed controversial strip club owner Lolly Jackson gathered at Els Park Cemetary in Germiston to bid him farewell. Jackson was allegedly shot by a friend and the police are still investigating and haven’t captured the killer.

11 May 2010


I never the guy not even from the bar of soap. His death sent shock waves across the nation. What could have led for his brutal killing as he was gunned down?

22 May 2010

Ashley Minnar

True that may be his death did send shock waves around th country however regardless of how media may throw speculation out of proportion the man was ruthless and had no respect for you and I as ordinary people working a honest living or even dishonest …We were not on his level as they put it so we were chump change to him I personally knew him ad the man was no saint having money and power seems inevaaible it goes to your head “He did not empower people or inspire them to do great things ” instead he ran them down for nor being where he is in life or was should I say…. I just just hope he was ready to meet his maker I’m not rejoicing in what happened to him it was a tragedy we all have to meet our maker and and give account for our deeds but the way you live is the way you die period

4 June 2010


I never met Lolly neither, But I met his daugther today I think she is a wounderful person with alot of heart. Lolly RIP, Sam wish you much blessings and you brother also, hang in there make it work for you both. ~1~ Keith

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