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Political Notebook#28: Shilowa says Cope has been a disappointment

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In this week’s episode of the Political Notebook, The Sunday Times Editor Ray Hartley, speaks to Cope deputy leader Mbhazima Shilowa about his decision to stand against party president Mosiuoa Lekota at the national conference at the end of the month.

10 May 2010


Campaign for COPE to win local elections not leadership positions people

27 May 2010


I voted COPE and what a dissappointment to see a party wich was promising to be force to be reckoned with is now on the brink of collapse. I have now joined the ANC and the rest is history….

28 May 2010


Sometimes i believe you will allow me to say, that a party with high hope to change the face of politics in ou country is becoming a face of political scenes recently. both two leaders should come together to come up with one solution to established a concrete foundation of this party rather than figthing for position and accusing one another off which that will not stabilized the
party but instead it will split the organisation. i know that this kind of condition is a culture in world of politics as happened in Limpopo on ANC that lead to the formation of COPE. So i think both leaders don’t want to see themself forming another party or rejoining ANC. It came into my mind that their experience in politics makes them to fight so deeply. This party need someone who will come up with some strong reputation to stabilize the party and build the parties foundation even to strengthen all the branch and solid leadership within COPE.

31 May 2010


Don’t forget how COPE assembled; they wanted to remain in power like Mugabe when they saw that their boss has been recalled then they started to form their party. But the question is what party they can form because they have been ANC members for years, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Greedy of wanting to remain in power.

They were acting as if ANC is theirs (they own it), if you can recall what Mosioua Lekota was saying when people were singing the revolutional songs wearing 100% t-shirts of Zuma, he talks as if he owns ANC.

He forget easily as he was the first people to make t-shirts when he wanted to be a premier in Free State.

Now only time will tell, but COPE will be burried alive.

2 June 2010


Cope was formed by a bunch of shady characters who don’t want to be led. Lekota and Mululeki George were at the helm of Department of Defence during the time when arms deal was concluded. They also failed to investigate more than 40 millions of rands used to sponser the Nxuka’s during their picnic in Dubai. Shilowa’s wife was in charge of IDC at the time when billions of rands were loaned under dubuious circumstances to their cronies such as Smuts and Others at the time when they purchased shares in Telkom which were later bought back in order to give the now defunct COPE some cash injection to host conferences and picnics at expensive hotels and conference centres. Shilowa Express is the brain child of Mbazima and we know that his wife benefited from the deal though other dubious subcontracts worth billions. Nxuka’s benefited from road constructions for 2010 through their shady BEE vehicle in Basil Reeds Co. Remember the loan that Mbazima’s wife granted herself and later gave COPE 20 million rands out of the loot. I wish Malema can continue feeding Mbazima’s son until he gets his future in good shape because his dad is just a flob who turns to change coulers immediately he rubs shoulders with the township crew. His mother is still living below poverty level and yet he is busy wasting money on COPE. People must know their roots, and stop being fooled by city life like Shilowa who is neglegiting his son, mother and real wife ka gobane otlaiditse ke mokgatla wa gowa letswele. Our modest ANC will continue hosting conferences at Universities as we are socially sensetive. I am wating to see who will manage to fill the stadiums during the campaign for local government elections…. I think Malema alone will do far much better than COPE collective.

I now believe that each dog has its day… Lets see how they will emerge from this circus.


27 June 2010

meekahaefele masooa

Looking from a distance one will appreciate that Cope problems are deeper than imagined. If one remembers that this party has no policy of political ideology, none of elected national, some provincial, branch leaders one can agree that division of the party is inevitable. In order to avoid the division down the spine of the party one of three things must happen either shilowa resigning, lekota stepping down or both of them doing it at ago.

As a neutral onlookers of Cope methink democracy, accountabilty and representivity must reign supreme as the fledging party struggles to establish its identity. When the party was established it was very disappointing to many progressives but with the hindsight one can appreciate the deepining of our fledging democracy. Any test to our democracy is highly valued and if we can be brought to account and respect electorates due to the shadow of Cope so be it. I believe power corrupts and absolute powere corrupts absolutely. ANC has nothing to lose and fear from a strong opposition but its weakness that will abound due to its invincibilty. So in the name of entrenching democracy let democratic oppositions prowl our political landscape in order to keep us in check if we faulter. That democratic opposition can only make us strong thriving democracy that africa and the world can learn great deal of values from. In Cope ‘Kgang ya monna e kgaolwa ke letlaka’, so let the vulture be a democracy that will determine fate of its warring leaders by one person one vote from the branch, regions, province and nationwide. Only elected voices in party fostered to decide the course of party organ development if the ‘majority rule’ is to be the pillar and not just the slogan in opposition rank, only then can they promise to transmit such values into a broader south african politcal battle ground through political ideologisation and argitation.

However the dangers of unaccountable undemocratic oppositions are lurking in the dark in south africa politics. Surely any unrepresentative body is bad and already compromised even before it starts operating and as such it can never speak the basic truth as it knows none since it will only speak for unelected few who will always eschew accountabilty and will never argue values in public domain but only empty phrases to obfuscate in order to avoid representivity and the real material conditions of the masses or populance they are supposed to be representing. Therefore whatever their problems, this Cope, like any one, must go through the throngs of democratic birth-pains and only then can it start playing democratic value opposition in the Republic political arena. May be the personal rivalry between Lekota and Shilowa will lead the party to representativess as a core value of their party. Only time will tell!

1 July 2010


The fact that Cope has not been able to solve thier issue almost in two months, that in itsself means that they all lack leadership qualities.I fialing to understand why the party that has been trusted by more then a million poeple in South Africa can fial to resolve thier internal issue and decided to fight over the court .

Just desolve

7 July 2010


Why is it that this mismanagement of funds scandal accasation made by Lekota coming out know that there is a leadership battle between him and Shilowa. If Shilowa is bad, Lekota is terrible.

22 October 2010


Theo it is quiet evident from the choice of words you have chosen to use which politacal contituency you fall under.

21 December 2010

meekahaefele masooa

Such clash of personalities in Cope can only be neutralised by strong party ideology, program of action or political principle that bond everone to the collective. Sadly Cope has none of the above and personality clashes can only be resolved by partying of ways by the protagonists. Thats the first lesson in politics, you have no permanent enemies nor permanent friends but political program is more permanent than individuals that persue it. The two leaders muts be decisive and divorce each other and stop tearing each other to pieces. ANC did right to allow such bellicose elements to go on their own, white a good riddence for the Alliance Movement.

15 January 2012

Irvin Kaminsky

I cannot thank you enough for the article.Much thanks again. Cool.

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