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Golden Nuggets #13: Al Gore

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Former USA Vice President and Co-Founder of the cable TV channel Current TV, Al Gore, was in South Africa recently to launch his channel on the new satellite network Top TV. Current TV relies on user-generated videos for content.

5 May 2010


This was the most poor interview i’ve ever had being done on such a person of this statue, I mean you have once in a lifetime oportunity to have a one on one with the ex united state president a very importance person like that and you ask questions thats are usually asked by kids, i mean questions like whos your role model, imagine asking nelson mandela the same question , you are not interviewing lolly jackson, this is Al Gore for goodness sake. no questions about how he got into the tv business from doing politics? is he still on with the fight on global warming? just to give you an idea of what im talking about, please try to impove on this otherwise there no point in doing videos on times live if the contet is going to be this poors.even malema would have walked out of the interview of this this nature and im serios.


5 May 2010


I agree with Thabo. A disgraceful interview.
Siraaj Cassiem should be FIRED !!!

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