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Apartheid laws still haunt country: Zuma

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President Jacob Zuma says apartheid laws may have disappeared from the statute books but its effects lingered. Zuma also said in four years time government would have no reason to explain its failures to provide services to the people.

27 April 2010


It’s funny how these monkeys still blame apartheid for their own incompetence and stupidity, after 16 years of them running the govern-MUNT into the ground.

28 April 2010


it is your right to express your views without being rude

28 April 2010


You attitude is not accapetible Lenny and it will not change anything….in this day and age we still have ppl who reason like you…God forbid!!!!!!!

28 April 2010


It’s the same old tired black habit of blaming everyone else. The black accepts no responsibility for his own defeceincies. It’s the imperialistic white’s fault that they stupid. It’s the imperialistic white’s fault that they incompetent. It’s even the imperialistic white’s fault that they savages. Next they will be blaming the whites for the fact that they are black.

28 April 2010


Lenny we are black monkeys and u are an albino monkey. Your goddamn comments indicate your hatred towards africans. How dare u say we are stupid. With reference to what are we stupid? Stupidity is the marginalisation of blacks. We are still going to rule u or go to settle in hell narrowminded moron.

28 April 2010


Ifts funny Lenny when you address Africans as stupid. Whites discriminated against the poor masses for 46 year (1948 -1994). During this period when white ministers bought expensive cars people never even knew about that, our black government became so transparent that you (white people) are able to see government expenditure, and you start calling them by names. This black government was only in power 16 years and have done a lot; I also acknowledge that there is a lot still to be done, as currently there are many capitalist within positions of power. Now this proves to me that whites are as stupid as you false to compare 46 yrs in power with 16 yrs. Whites accumulated wealth from the countries resources, and no one questioned their authority. They stole land from our uneducated elders, and after 1994 we (black) through the government stated that we will not repossess any land taken by force from our great grand fathers, if there is such a case we will compensate that white person with market related value. Lenny as much as you truly expressed your option, I applaud you. As much as you hate us, remember that SA belongs to its own people (i.e. blacks). You were lucky that after 1994, we did not opt for doing what the Zim government did to whites. The problem with you people is that, you can’t see yourself reporting to a black person. You think you are superior that others.

28 April 2010

war vet

i think you black south africans are too linient with these whites…..why not just chase them away and run your affairs on your own…..you can’t tell me that in this day and age u can find a white man ill-treating their workers as if its still apartheid era…..its either they have to start acting & treating native south africans right or they catch the next flight back to wherever their ancestors came from….period

28 April 2010

jenny smith

Don’t call blacks monkeys. That is evil and racist. Wash your mind out with disinfectant!!

28 April 2010


Mr Lenny is correct. We told you monkeys you are’nt capable of running this country. But you monkeys didn’t listen. The government was 100% before 1994. Now look what you baboons have done. You must live with it.

28 April 2010


You are busted ! I know you a black monkey. How about you come try chase me away…..

30 April 2010


Y not let blacks be black (or whatever they want to be) and whites be … well, white? We can point fingers all day and pose meaningless threats all we want but it does no good to any1. Life would work out a lot better for every1 if all energies were focused more on progression than name calling.

Perhaps Lenny could draw up a plan on how to get the govern-MUNT working again (like it once was the case, or even better). Fred, instead of playing cat n mouse, see how u can help ur buddy (and while u @ it grow up dude, people are not monkeys). Do u actually think b4 u type?

In this day and age u still don’t know what to do when u have a problem..? C’mon now! If apartheid makes u so happy, no1 is stoping u, y don’t u get on a ship AGAIN and go look for another ‘South Africa’? Here, there is no room for your type anymore…

30 April 2010


Actually, it’s the other way around. YOU lucky that Zim hasn’t happened here. All you monkeys would be dead in 6 months. Who do you think keeps Zim afloat? South Africa ! With the white’s resources and expertise. With the white’s money that the government has stolen through personal and business tax. Without the whites, the monkeys will starve to death. With no whites to produce food and run the industries, you are doomed to another african banana republic. The only thing i’ve ever seen a black produce, is a draad-kar. You pathetic monkeys.

30 April 2010


Here is an idea. Why doesn’t “Monkey” above, pack his bags, take all his monkey friends with, and go live in Zim with that baboon Mugabe. We not stopping you. Beit bridge is open. Then you can see in Zim what happens when the whites have left and the monkeys are in charge.

2 May 2010


Why only in 4 years. The day they took over government (1994), there’s no more blaming apartheid.

4 May 2010


Can you imagine what a great country we would have if all the people regardless of their colour worked together and brought their skills to the table instead of hating each other why don’t we see the good points that we all have and learn to love them instead. It is quite a challenge but with hard work we can overcome all this negativity that is eating us. Start by greeting the person in the street with a smile. Won’t do any harm but it is a beginning. Who knows great things can come of it. When a butterfly flaps its wings the Universe shudders.

14 May 2010


Can you imagine what a great country we would have if we woke up one day and all the monkeys were gone? Think about it. Then this would be a great country!

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