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No charges for Malema as yet

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The African National Congress has denied that there are any charges against the ANCYL president Julius Malema.  This comes after weekend newspapers reported that the youth leader faced disciplinary action following his endorsing of Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-PF and his remarks about the late AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche.

21 April 2010


South africans can you see what happens when you put uneducated ppl into leadership positions.

We only have ourselves to blame.

21 April 2010


Sounds like the charges came from the media. Zuma never charged this boy, I remember him saying they will discuss to check if there was crossing of any line, on the matters which the media turned into a charge sheet. Media reporting is as disgusting as this boy, and it leads people to have false hopes.

21 April 2010


Zuma has shown once again he is incapable of holding a leadership position. He is weak. He cannot control his little chimpanzee Malema. Therefore both these monkeys must be removed from power.

21 April 2010

willie baloyi

Zuma is our President , he cannot be a bad leader because of some bad element within the ANC. He was voted by South African Citizens and we all have our mistakes we cannot be judged by other peoples mistakes.

21 April 2010


You monkeys voted for him. ZUMA IS A MONKEY. Case closed.

23 April 2010

nation x

im sorry to say but people such as malema are not good for the youth of today. the youth of today afar ahead of their leader mentally. by putting this man as aleader of the youth we are basically undernining the youths mental capacity?? im sorry but they say they do BEE deals which only benefit them. umsobomvu self is bankrupt yet they drive mercs and new range rovers! why are we falling for this again. why should we kill boers id like to know. where is this man leading us to? sometimes we need to look deeper into this cause watever it is we plant will grow and wel have to eat fruits from that plant. theres hardly any youth developments and if there are any politicians themselfs are the only ones bargaining from them. a proud black who wont stand for ****

28 April 2010


Philip and Will stop calling people monkeys and chimpanzees. Oviously u are one of those albino monkeys who hate blacks. im a white person, but i dont like the way u behave fools. Your comments accelerate racism.

14 May 2010


He should be charged with crimes against humanity at the Hague. Then again, maybe the SPCA can put this monkey down.

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