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SA drug mule visibly shook by arrest: Video

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A visibly shaken Nolubabalo ”Babsie” Nobanda of Joza township, Grahamstown, became the second South African drug mule to make international headlines this week after she was arrested trying to smuggle cocaine in her dreadlocks.

15 December 2011


God to judge

16 December 2011


Feel sorry for her family.

19 December 2011

Vivian njeri

Shame on you for calling people monkey,yu are a baboon too

19 December 2011


I am so disappointed that the poeple are so quick to judge Nolubabalo or maybe her crime was to appear on TV? how many of us doing are all sorts of things because we are not cought or don’t appear on TV we are act as though we are hollier are than though. I am not saying she is right but at least she deserves a chance and besides who are we to judge her? my prayer is for God to be by her side and I know to Him there is nothing possible. I love you Babsie and I will continue praying for you.

19 December 2011


U are such an idiot Paul, its time that u people get over this stupid ish coz if I remember well its ur kind that came up with the notion that humans are ape’s decendants so u see u are as mucxh a monkey as she is. Yes she was wrong but I really dnt see the need for name calling now get over yourself.

19 December 2011


Azola, can you not write english at all?
No school, no education but you know who you are!?
Good for you.

20 December 2011


The authorities will have to build a jungle-gym in the prison now (for swinging)

21 December 2011


Go straight to jail, monkey. Do not collect R200. Do not collect bananas. Do not collect peanuts.

22 December 2011


I feel sorry for my Sister from another mom.One thing for sure there’s someone behind all this,so be positive and spill the beans so that those who send you there can also be arrested

22 December 2011


Sies man !! Goddamn it. You got a monkey for a sister? Disgusting.

24 December 2011


Alan, whay do you mean by that. Are you one of those peoprl who belive Africa is for baboons and monkeys?

24 December 2011


unfortunately, it never happens. the kingpins are always clever. they use this young girls and when they get caught, they face the other way. I think if the police use this Mules as bait, they can actually get these criminals. she was delivering to someone at a hotel in Thailand, they should have used her to get to whoever she wa sending the drugs,

5 January 2012


william u r stupid pig wit no sense of humour u r a real pink pig moron

5 January 2012


moron pig

5 January 2012


you know what the truth of the matter is, she was just a decoy, im sure on the same day while everyone else was focused on her millions and million of drugs were going in….dig that…what a sick world

8 January 2012



23 February 2012



15 March 2012

fhatuwani mavhunga

amen 2 dat audrey. ur one of pple we want in this world.

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