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Haiti Earthquake Aftermath

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Sunday Times photographer James Oatway walked away with the prestigious News Image of the Year at the Sony Profoto Awards this week for his outstanding coverage of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti

11 April 2010


An excessive and unneccessary application of force by the police. Sometimes the application of justice can be out of line given the context here, such force would be better applied in a state of war. To the journalist who captured this photograph, bravo, for me this picture exposes poor judgement on the officer who pulled the trigger and the superiors who gave orders for the police to use live ammunition. I believe it was uncalled for, just think of the age of this child and the petty crime perpetrated (which could have been dealt with in a manner beffiting the situation) and juxtapose that with a suicide bomber etc who threaten innocent lives. Force used was just too excessive.

12 April 2010

shelagh shirley

You have once again proved your talent. This couldn’t have been easy to do. As you know I have followed your work since your award winning photo taken of the Xenophobic violence.

28 April 2010


Awesome work Jimi. You captured this horrific tragedy as only a talented journalist can. I feel so much sadness for Fabienne and her family. As if they had not suffered enough. We don’t know what suffering is in the first world. Thank you for giving me some insight into these peoples plight.

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