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Julius Malema quotes

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ANC Youth League president Julius Malema continues on his tirade against his enemies, most recently added to his list was education minister Naledi Pandor. The Times brings you his most memorable quotes to date. Enter the gallery for more

23 February 2009


The guy literally goes all out… who else has ever dared to disrepect seniors like that? Comrades in corruption, be warned Malema is unleashed and i think his next comment will be on your posh mansions!!!! I can’t wait for Zuma’s turn…

23 February 2009


LOL! Mtwa- 4get it malema will never lash out on Zuma. they are like house on fire, blv me. If he ever does lash out, it wil be the end of him (ppl out there wil kill 4 zuma just like he said)

23 February 2009


This is not the first we experience such malapropisms in the world and certainly not in SA…anyone everheard of ‘Malapropismites’…George W has this as well as PW was very chronic from this oral decease and apprently its very contatigius. Helen Zille also shows some prelim stage symtoms[after she is said to have responded to several of these] Mala-whatwhat statements.

5 March 2009


Malema needs a shrink to admit that hes seeing things wich are not there and secoongly a new subject of “Talking Descnline” needs to be initiated inorder to assist future Malemas from publicly insulting their backrounds

9 March 2009


ja dis is malema and this is realy him so let da guy continue to unvail da hiden truth abt the people who claim dat they can manage da country while they can not manage to take responsibility of their children tell them malema its high time the truth be told

9 March 2009


i will support malema wherever but not with naledi pandor, i would greately appreciate it if he could apologise to that woman because naledi is our promise,she is someone you can put your trust on. sometimes we must respect the people who are dedicate in whatever they expected to do.

9 March 2009


SA remember where come from…now this country is like a used condom.Why are so silent? i support sherez when she saying this country smells very bad. LET US PROTECT OUR COUNTRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.let us join our hands together and pray for SA to come back to us. Sister sherez i support you big time.

16 March 2009

Krish Reddy

Malema calls a spade a spade. No beating about the bush.He has the guts to say what he says. South Africa needs a guy like him. He may be crude but he tells it how it is unlike others who say things that you want to hear. Malema as far as I am concerned is a hero. He is being used as a scapegoat to attack Black Rule in South Africa.
He hit the nail on the head when he attacked Mbeki,Naledi Pandor,Buthelezi etc.
Mbeki was leading us to Mampharaland. He was gathering Lieutenants around him to rule for a third term and maybe forever similar to Mugabi’s style.
Education is in a total mess at the moment thus his attack on Pandor.Pandor does not deserve to be a minister getting a fat salary while millions are starving.
This is a democracy and as such political parties have a right to canvass their opinion any where in SA. Why should the IFP attack the ANC everytime the ANC wishes to canvass in KZN ? Hence the clash between Malema and the IFP. This is shear guts for a young man to stand up to Buthelezi and the IFP. Here again I totally and unequivocally support Malema.
He also commented on the fact there were sitting MP’s in Parliament who were lazy and not contributing at all in their positions.
Finally I am eagerly awaiting Zuma to be elected our President as I note from his utterances he will make a good President and our young Democracy will finally get there.Remember you dont have to be educated to be intellegent. Truman did not care much about education yet history proved to us that he was one of the best Presidents the USA ever had.

24 March 2009

H Ndindaniumphrey

I am gal to see that we still have brave leaders who still think that the truth is better than diplomacy.

19 August 2009


Malema is a man and a half, he is confranting every body in public, even those who thought they r at his side. We need dis kind of leaders in de Youth League. SA, u need 2 be glad 2 hav some1 2whom nobody is untouchable 2 him. Do not worry about de danger Malema may cause incase he goes 2 parliament cos when dat time comes he wil be a disciplined leader. Do u recall how unruly MBALULA was wen he was the stil pres of YL? How MBALULA is now? From MASHAO KELLY LEBEA, BODUPE VILLAGE MODJADJI

22 September 2009


Old Julius really is a special chap; his nonsensical ramblings are only just coherent enough for his racism and foolishness to be noticed. Is he deaf to the sound of his own voice? If he is unaware of how thick he sounds, surely a family member or friend could tell him gently? A future leader! Surely not! How can a country go from have such dignified presidents like Madiba and Mbeki to a balooka like this? My pre-school kids are more sensible and could tell him a thing or two about decorum too. With regard to his supporters; it is not surprising that his groupies (like that idiot woman recorded at his court appearance a few weeks back) are equally simple. What is surprising is that there are enough of them to get him voted to president of the ANCYL.

23 November 2009


True dat, i warmly support your statement, Malema is a true Hero, in our country today we need such people like Malema to reprenset us. Malema can make the dark room bright in an ace off. He is a straight forward man.

2 December 2009

king mashego

comrade i think malima is only a guy ever who call a spate by its name so we must accept him as the only element that seek to expowse unwanted material in our democracy.long live malima long………

2 December 2009

king mashego

when comrade malima visited univen campus i thought the guy is going to tell us sguable and rhetorics only to found that the boy is a charisma.he delivered the most powerful speech about the nationalization of mines,so we must not enjoy unnecessary midia coverage that will led vast to division and confusion.

29 December 2009

Nilsa Asturias

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3 February 2010


Ive understood the guy from day1. In my opinion those who do not either cant relate, are ignorant, stupid or stubborn.

We still have to fight for our real freedom.

The younger black youth think they will study through and be successful (-illusion) little do they know that the obstacles they will meet along the way will need a lot of unconventional intervention.

On the other hand the younger white population wont get it they shouldn’t, and cant and we shouldn’t even care, while white adults are just being intentionally deceptive, defensive and stuborn of the truth.

Our poverty is no co-incidence and anyone who cant see that is either unobservant or just plain stupid.

What kind of a man negotiates with a thief to get his property back and to make it worse he settles for 2% over a period of 15 years.

3 February 2010


I like that, Girl….and im glad someone can see the truth. Media brainwashed idiots just wont get it.

3 February 2010


Bitter Thibo touch loyalist…r u from the Eastern Cope..sorry I meant Cape?

18 March 2010



18 March 2010


In order to put my opinion in black and white (am I allowed to say ‘Black’?) regarding our ‘great future leader’ Julius Dilemma. I would sit here and eventually wear holes through my keyboard. So let me summaries the deal. Firstly, Since the dawn of time, dinosaurs and bread. A leader has been able to spell the actual word “Leader’. In this Julius case a ‘Ladder’ just won’t do. We need leaders in this beautiful country of ours who actually give a damn about the “Rainbow” part of the nation. Not continuing to embarrass himself and the rest of us by indulging in his racist means and ways of a politically immature “envoy”. I disagree with his mindset of black this white that purple here green there. This is a time where South Africa needs to focus on what lies in the future as far as development, justice, crime and unity goes. I find it ludacris that we must now sit and stir on a subject that was resolved and finished nearly twenty years ago. He is a political bully who abuses his power, which in this case is sadly plentifull. I feel a political revolution is in-order. Replace the 4′th grade sand eater with somebody who actually knows what they are doing. The complete opposite of Malema who would be competent, trust-worthy, inspiring and yes… maturely qualified. To set an example of excellence for the youth of today. I just fear that we have slipped too far from recovery, at the end of it all, one question pops into ones mind. However will we COPE ? If you’re catching what I’m throwing…

18 March 2010


Exactly! Great point you have. (TWO THUMBS UP)

30 March 2010


At the same time, I’m 100% certain that Truman wasn’t a gibbering, adulterous, “pro-shower power”, condescending fool. If Malema “calls a spade a spade”, why can he not say “government is a joke”? It IS quite obvious that nobody knows what they are going on about. Isn’t that just ‘Ayoba’ ma gents?

4 April 2010


I am very surprised to see so many of you agreeing that the abrasive way Mr Malema speaks to everyone and it seems to be “cool” well I am a teacher at a predominately black school and I definitely don’t think he is a role model for the youth, we are building a society that have no respect for others, to conclude all the people he is bad mouthing have studied and have paid their dues to society, I cannot agree that people actually think he is right, firstly you need a form of education to understand how to be dignified…..Sorry but he is stealing the dignity of our youth.

5 April 2010


I agree, what this land needs is love and a relationship with GOD and how can we have leaders who aren’t christians. Look at Nelson Mandela, he was a great president and always put his brothers and sisters (no matter what colour) ahead of himself to secure a great country.He was so honest and lead such a beautiful life and it’s terribly sad to know that someone like him hasn’t taken his place, I cry when I think how one man changed South Africa into the best he could!!!an entire country!!! well done, we have such a beautiful country, why mess it up? Our youth is the future and we need to be a positive influence to them. Revenge makes your heart nasty and I’m going to pray everyday that GOD puts love in everyones heart to make this country great!!! We have a successful future ahead but we all need each other. I dont believe in racism and I believe there are very few that still do, GOD made us all equal, it’s the choices in life that differs us from each other. And I hope that Malema changes his heart and builds a relationship with GOD, he thinks life is great now believing in revenge and all that nonsense, wait till he sees what “GOD” can do for him.CIOU

7 April 2010


While we are on the ‘hot-topic’ of obstacles. I can not for the life of me understand how people stand behind this “Dilemma”. Get over what has happened, how can anybody attempt to move this country forward when this “leader” of the ANCYL acts the role of the proverbial
‘Handbrake’. Throw him, grow him, praise him purge him. Sounds a little too much like Days of our Lives don’t you think??

8 April 2010

Smarty Pants

You gotta be kidding me! J.M. is a complete idiot, and it seems like u might be following him down that ANC paved road. I really think you should research everything else malema has said and done. Praising him for the few things he has done that u think are great is not right.
Hope you like what i’ve said, after all, all i’ve done is the things you like… “Malema calls a spade a spade. No beating about the bush.He has the guts to say what he says. South Africa needs a guy like him. He may be crude but he tells it how it is unlike others who say things that you want to hear. ”
Peace out!

9 April 2010


or join Zanu (PF)

9 April 2010


Well after the abrasive and unprofessional way Mr Malema conducted himself on the TV leaves rather a bitter taste in my mouth, as MR MOUTH once again was on queue. Following that militant view placing the country in disrepute… not in this life time…. Mr Mouth. Someone to look up too???????
The person that controls the debt “controls”……Unfortunately the “honorable” Mr Malema never got that far in his studies…
I wonder who will fork the the bills after the 2010 world cup???? When all have gone home and fat cats coffers are full.
When you arrogant your eyes are closed, your ears are closed and your mouth wide open.

12 April 2010


I cnt blive dat people still actually support dat guy! he’s narrow minded and rude! HE IS SELF ABSORBED AND DOESNT CONSIDER ANYBODY ELSE BUT HIMSELF! I think that he should jst grow a pair nd stop acting like a child! julius malema is not at all a good leader! HE IS CORRUPT AND DRAGZ RACE INTO VERY STATEMENT HE MAKES ! I THINK THAT HE SHOLD JUST GO “KILL HIMSELF THEN COMMIT SIUCIDE!” LOL!

SERIOUSLY! what kind of guy in thier right state of mind,grown *** man! wit an ID nd a good salary would say, ON NATIONAL TV! ” I WUD RATHER KILL MYSELF THEN COMMIT SUICIDE!?”

people need to get btta mind set ABOUT HIM! coz dis is JUST SAD!

12 April 2010



13 April 2010


For all those Malema supporters, you really only need to ask yourself a few simple questions. Firstly, why do you support Malema? Exactly what is it that you are hoping Malema will achieve in this country that you are now supporting him? Secondly, I think that everybody will agree that one of the biggest problems in South Africa is the ever increasing divide between the “haves” and the “have nots”. What South Africa really needs is a leader who will close this divide. The sooner we can provide everybody with a house, electricty, running water and a job, the sooner this country will become a first world force to be reckoned with. So is Malema this leader? Is Malema doing everything he can to close this divide? I would submit that he is not particularly interested in the plight of the poor, but rather his own wealth creation. And that is fine, because we are a capitalist state, but he must not purport to be something he is not. He is misleading rather than leading.

16 April 2010

How is my name aplicable?

“I have defeated colonisers. I am going to defeat the children of colonisers.“
Hey malema.. geuss who is paying for your watch..

And for all who says “haha yes, kill those ******* racist children.” the fight for freedom in SA is over.
The next step is not to kill people. It is not to wage war for zuma. It is not to exploit taxes.

It is time to search for a salution to poverty. Not through an inverted apartheid, but through unity. Coz believe it or not, we the white chrildren of those colonists are born in the same country as you. we are not colonists anymore, not looking to exploit and supress, we are south africans, eager to uplift our country.

So you no what, Malema is not brave. Malema is a man, looking for revenge.
And the moment he stops SA can move forward as a united nation.

18 April 2010

Matthews Bantsijang

Coms Malema and Mbalula, our leaders…

6 May 2010

otsile nd fortunate

julius malema! why do you want to bring back apartheid? you are staying in a big house,you’ve got security everywhere you go…what about us? now we are living with fears thinking that we have to face THE OUTCOMES OF YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR. malema,maturity isn’t sold anywhere,its for FREE,SO GET IT BEFORE IT BECOMES ON SALE!!!

17 September 2010


malema must be a south african president, not a youth league president. he’s got what it takes than zuma. viva malema viva!

27 October 2010

Matthews Bantsijang

The future political leaders of Mzansi…

28 October 2010


Then Mzantsi is in for a disaster

27 December 2010


Too many Politicians offering something for nothing, and way too many people ignorant enough to beleive it.

1 March 2011

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22 May 2011


Viva Malema Viva! We need leaders like him to take our country forward. He isn’t afraid 2 speak his mind,it’s high tym wyts were told wats wat.Amandla Awethu!

27 November 2011


We should unite as a nation, and stop mocking , Juju’s, G Standard Grade Symbol for Woodwork.

Let’s be fair – maybe , he was afraid of Woodwork.

He could have sawed his tongue off!

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