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Daveyton Cockroaches

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Daveyton’s Chevy Taxis are nearing their last trip as government plan to get rid of them. View the photo-story of the iconic vehicle.

2 June 2008


These cabs are very much iconic and getting rid of them would mos-definitely make my experience less exciting or should say ” will not be keeping it real” these cabs(AMAPHELA) are part of Daveyton herirtge and should be celebrated/document?/presserved? or atleast keep one in some corner there…amaphela aya rocker ewase kasi~~~~

21 August 2008

motheo khoaripe

the day in the life of my people.I’n on campus right now and I actually miss the noizy hoot that those cockroaches make.Even though they are now looked down upon because of the introduction of Toyota avanzas-which are now called Rats. not taking anything away from the the artistic work by the photographer,he captured the taxis in their true sence.

24 February 2009


These vehicles have put Daveyton on the map. getting rid of them would be ripping Daveytons heritage and its soul. the government should rather work on repairing these timeless vehicles

6 May 2009


amaphela are one of the Daveyton sympthoms or part of a Daveyton. when u arrive at Daveyton frm somewhere else u first feel that u are at home when u are in the tax. amaphela rocks more than anythings u can find at daveyton we love amaphela and the noise they make.

15 July 2009

Daveyton legend

getting rid of the roaches woul be like removing the water cooling towers,orlando stadium, hector Petersson square from Soweto which would leave Soweto with no historical landmarks or magic of what makes Soweto over and above the charismatic people that live in it, try imagine soweto without Vilakazi street….then picture Daveyton without the Cockroaches..see what I mean..with that beaing said…I am profusely against the eradication of the cockroaches.

7 August 2009


(getting rid of the roaches)Theres no way that is happening. I`m currently in durban, originaly from e-Vutta and every once in a while I spot one of them and instantly I get home sick. U go to the net do a search on Daveyton, and the first thing mentioned i-Phela, they make Vutta stand out from the rest of the other Kasis.Wot needs to happen now, some1 has to aproach Chev and ask em to open a service store in D/town, that`ll provide parts for these vintage rhydes..Taking em away,,is just not onn.

6 July 2010


I owned one. The government doesn’t care about our legacy, these cars are the pride of Daveyton. They might look ugly and unreliable to them, but to us they are our pride and joy. There’s places where the new Toyota Avanza can not travel in Daveyton but iPhela can. But the government doesn’t see that these cars lasted for many years and they need to give them honor.

14 August 2010


maphela ke dilegend tsa vutha,wat makes vutha be n i must say they r the best way 2 go around followd by da most recent avanza.n batong let the avanza ifihle ‘tawtwa

20 September 2010


growing up in one of the main streets, that these owesome cars drove past, i hav to say i never needed an alarm clock. plz someone do something we need to bring amaphela back to the streets.

1 March 2011

Gregory Despain

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30 March 2011


amaphela are the trade of D’town, getting rid of them will be getting rid of our trade mark.

12 August 2011


Growing in a township with first electricity called tuka, growing up using Amaphela this is a legacy of our kasi, goverment must not get rid of our legacy better fix amaphela.Amaphela goes everywhere especialy rainy season Squater camps in a mud road without any problem than Avanza,s

12 October 2011


Distinct m/v but for the sake of public safety and road worthiness…we need to move on.

7 November 2011


Vutta Original, I’d still luv 2 own 1 as my private car & not a Taxi. Moving on with having Avanza’s is gud but not forgeting where we *** from namaPhela.

20 January 2012


Gettng rid of ama phela in daveyton its jst as da same as getting rid of da statue of liberty in america… Nd y dnt they get rid of da orlando towerz… Amaphela are our legacy we r hu we r b cos of thm our parents usd 2 travell 2 work wit em. Lt the legacy live

9 March 2012

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