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What’s on the Agliotti tape

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A video recording of a meeting between Glenn Agliotti and police and intelligence officials has been shown in the corruption trial of former top cop Jackie Selebi. The Times reporter Sally Evans describes what’s on the tape.

8 November 2009

Jessy Jayde Agliotti & FRIENDS

WELL LOVE U GLEN & Our prayers are with U !!! We all know THAT U innocent and WE behind U 110% Ur generious heart and infectious smile is MISSED everyday


17 February 2010


hahaha Glenn Agliotti and innocent should never be in the same sentence. The man is as guilty as charged. We gave him a deal to help us with the into to put his fellow guilty criminal Jackie Selebi…so dont u ever confuse that with innocence!!! The man is a Drug Dealer for crying out loud!!

19 April 2010


Ole Glenn used to be the purveyor of ‘filthy pictures’ to all at school. Those *** images an insidious pleasure, to which he would nightly gleefully pleasure himself, in the open shut surreptitious seclusion of the after lights out dormitory loo!
Not much changed – ou Glenn.
Wanker then…
Wanker now!

21 April 2010


Glen is a drug-lord, selebe is also a grug lord, mr Nel is Aggioti’s garden boy and just wait and see, this guys are platying golf together and they come and tell us ****.

Stop talking about this in the media and talk about Volcano that is bringing the world in to an end.


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