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Sasha-Lee and Jason to share Idols’ crown

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Jason HartmanĀ  and Sasha Lee Davids have been declared the winners of the fifth season of South African Idols after it was discovered that a technical glitch had prevented the counting of hundreds of thousands of votes. On Sunday Davids was crowned as the winner but after 200 000 extra votes were tallied it was discovered that Hartman had actually received the most votes from viewers. The Times entertainment reporter Gabisile Ndebele explains.

8 May 2009


There can only be 1 winner Jason Hartman.

8 May 2009

elmarie hartzenberg

i thin jason should be the only winner. it’s not that i do not like sasha-lee but he is the true winner. some of my votes didn’t even went through for jason but why?

8 May 2009


Both Jason and Sasha-Lee will be great ambassadors for South Africa and the music industry. They are both very talented and it is a pity that one had to loose. MNet screwed up,BUT give them credit for coming clean. We can all take a leaf from this experience and learn what integrity is all about – more than words. Becoming vindictive and personal is not a good option as it only creates unnecessary stress on two beautiful people who have done nothing wrong. The joint winner is a compromise where neither contestant loses face and hopefully we will have the privilege of hearing them singing many more duets. How about it MNet? An hour concert with Jason and Sasha-Lee.
All the best wishes to our two IDOLS you are both champions.

9 May 2009


This is stupid. Did this problem only occur with the last 2? And why such a rush to find these votes? Clearly someone strongly believed that the white boy had won and they want our to prove it. A case of George Bush and the dimples.

9 May 2009


Aaaah, motlatsi … always play the race card when nothing else works :-)

Everyone knew that Sasha did not win, because when she was announced the winner, there was first a stunned silence and after a few moments, the crowd started cheering.

EVERYONE was surprised.

Jason was a favourite right from the beginning.

In fact, he won with 200 000 votes!!!!

And this makes me wonder if the other white boykie – Graeme really fell out, or was he scammed out?

How can we believe anything now.


Hierdie maak die hele Idols ondervinding afgewater en laat ‘n vrot smaak in die mond!

9 May 2009


Motlatsi-what a racist comment! Could Blacks not vote. Blacks are by far the majority. Please think things through before making yourself a racist by such a silly statement.

9 May 2009


I also didn`t believe that sasha-lee could have beat Jason,but anyway let them share the prizes because it was not their fault and M-NET must also conduct investigations.someone is behind this!

9 May 2009


ahhh…yawn…why is everybody getting so excited over glorified karaoke?!!! hmmm,anyways..Motlatsi we all know who you voted for…this is stupid, at the end of the day they couldnt exactly snatch the prize away from sasha that would have been a doggy thing to do..but it wouldv been better than being the pity idol winner for sasha..but i suppose she doesnt mind/doesnt have a choice..after all, she’s probably unemployed after all the time she has wasted on this little competiton so she’s gta make this work…

11 May 2009


Pieterpan you aren’t any different or better than Motlatsi…. “Could Blacks not vote” who is the racist now. Take you own advise “Please think things through before making yourself a racist by such a silly statement” Really now!

Both Jason and Sasha-Lee were great and it’s good that they will share the price.

11 May 2009


I think that Jason is the deserving winner of Idols as his performances were consistent through the competition. He is also a better vocalist. Sasha lee is too stereo-typed.
The title should not be shared.

12 May 2009


We all wonder if this whole Idols 2009 was just a load of hogwash , the true winner could easily be the ones eliminated already. Makes you think, does this mean the system was not working from the beginning. I will not vote for SA Idols again, I am sure lots of people are thinking the same.

12 May 2009


I think Jason should have the title and the majority of the prizes. Sasha-Lee is good, she wouldn’t of have made the final if she was bad, and with or without the prizes everyone knows about her now. Let her have some of the prizes, not all of it. Jason was the best, and he deserves to be the only one in the limelight.

I think MNet needs to rethink about the prize issue, there are alot of viewers out there who are disgusted and dissapointed about what happened. MNet should also listen and consider what the viewers have to say, because this whole fiasco can only end up with them losing out viewers, and where will that leave the IDOLS television show?

12 May 2009


[quote comment="11338"]This is stupid. Did this problem only occur with the last 2? And why such a rush to find these votes? Clearly someone strongly believed that the white boy had won and they want our to prove it. A case of George Bush and the dimples.[/quote]
The “White boy” has a name – Jason. He won fair and square and there is no need to prove anything. Why bring race into this debate??

13 May 2009


Sasha Lee have thousands of fans my dear. and what’s this about “there was a stunned silence when she was crowned the winner and then only trhe crowd starting cheering???”
what nonsense!!! that place rocked!!! That 200 000 votes for Jason is so suspect!!!
Sasha Lee you are a true idol…..and you deserved your night of glory. Jason is good……but nothing compared to you.

13 May 2009


I think Jason is an average singer who happened to be well liked.He cant do low notes very well. Sasha-lee is truly talented but I had accepted that she won win even though I loved her talent.Idols winner is about who gets the most votes from the public THAT VOTE not about true talent. I believe its only fair to share the crown though, they had nothing to do with this.

15 May 2009


Sasha girl dont worry about all the comments keep your head up high for us you are the only winner and your song is music to the ear on the radio. You rock!!!!!!!!!!!

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